Crowdsourcing ideas for Fallout 4 Junk Efficiency Chart

fallout 2 - Crowdsourcing ideas for Fallout 4 Junk Efficiency Chart

Good evening fellow Vault dwellers!

I've been playing through my first Survival save in Fallout 4 (PS4) for the last few months, and I'm loving the change its brought over my usual hoarding playstyle. However, I've found that while the "Tag to search" feature helps me not pick up everything not bolted down that looks useful in search of the right resources, it doesn't help prevent the other two challenges of inventory management: determining/tracking how many of a resource or resources an item has compared to its weight), or how many caps an item has compared to its weight. As many of you know, in Survival mode, carry weight and caps are insanely more important than they are in regular modes.

To solve this crisis, I'm writing a dynamic chart in Excel that can sort through all the junk items in the game to help determine what specific junk items you need to collect that best balance resource yield, caps value, and carry weight to better economize item gathering. I thought I'd include the subreddit to help me determine what features to include in the chart, and to gather interest to see who else would want a copy.

So far I know that I'll include/need the following:

  1. A master sheet of every obtainable junk item, with columns for resource yield, carry weight, caps value, and possibly spawn rarity (the list would not include weapons/armor disassembled to provide resources)
  2. The ability to pull or highlight items from this master sheet that match an inquiry (for example, searching for junk with Adhesives, sorted by Lightest first, and the sheet generates a chart that shows the lightest items containing Adhesive)
  3. A sheet with drop down options to search for a list/amount of resources (to help crafting), sorted by weight and resource yield (because it might turn out to be more efficient to carry a heavier item because it has other valuable resources in it, instead of a slightly lighter item that has just the right amount)
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If you guys can think of/request any interesting functions, feel free to comment on what else I could include, or not include, or do better. I'm writing the chart in Excel because I'm more familiar with the syntax/potential, but if enough people are interested I'll try to pull the same thing off in Google Sheets so it's easier to share/access.

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