fallout 76 discussion and inform - CRYPTID PHOTO CHALLENGE ISSUE ROUNDUP - Please add your insight!

Would be especially awesome if dataminers or someone from Bethesda could give us some insight here. These are the major issues I’m seeing with the cryptid photo weekly challenge (the most valuable challenge this week!). It does not appear to be possible to complete.

1 – Flatwoods Monster doesn’t count as an alien. For pre-camera challenges, the Flatwoods Monster was registering as an “alien” but that is no longer case.

  • "PSA: Flatwood monster is not an alien for weekly pics challenge"
  • "I can confirm it doesn't count as Alien. Only as Flatwoods Monster."

2 – Other “aliens” in game don’t count for the picture. Without the FWM, it is unclear what (if anything) can trigger the alien photo.

The following are confirmed not to count:

  • Corpses in TNT Dome 2
  • Weird monster in Lucky Hole Mine
  • Alien body in the truck bed
  • Aliens at Van Lowe Taxidermy
  • Toy aliens

3 – “Sheepsquatch” photo randomly checks off when taking photos of other creatures. The challenge requires a photo of the Sheepsquatch, which has not yet been encountered by anyone in the game. The Impostor may or may not count (see notes at the end), but regardless there is an apparent trend of the Sheepsquatch checking off when players photograph other things.

  • "The Sheepsquatch ticked off when I took a pic of a wendigo"
  • "I took a picture of a Mirelurk Deep King or Glowing Mirelurk King at the Wendigo Cave and it counted as a Sheepsquatch picture."
  • "Apparently i took a picture of the sheepsquatch."
  • "Weirdly mine got checked and counted when I snapped a whitesprings assaultron for the robot challenge."

Now, two notes from my experience:

1 – There are multiple reports of players saying that the Wise Mothman that appears at the end of the Path to Enlightenment quest counted as the Mothman AND the Sheepsquatch for them, including this front page post from yesterday. Unfortunately this is not guaranteed as it wasn’t the case for me. I tried last night and the photo only counted for Mothman. Proof here.

2 – There is also a lot of conflicting info on whether the Impostor Sheepsquatch counts as a Sheepsquatch for the challenge. Multiple people have said the Impostor counted for them. But again, this wasn’t the case for me personally. As soon as I got my camera and film crafted I got a notice that the event was starting so I traveled there with the goal of photographing it for the challenge. I took a picture of him right as he killed me and then checked my challenge log and I still had 0/9 cryptids but 2/9 robots: Mr. Gutsy and Assaultron (aka Impostor Sheepsquatch). This could also be a result of the aforementioned issue where the Sheepsquatch is ticked seemingly at random when photographing other things.

Has anyone had any luck with the Alien or Sheepsquatch photos? If so, how?

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