Daily ops are a pisstake for some builds, while being frustratingly painful for others

fallout 6 - Daily ops are a pisstake for some builds, while being frustratingly painful for others

TL;DR invisibility and melee finishers modifiers make it painful for certain builds like vats.

I have three character, a level 300 power armoured heavy gunner, a level 150 vats pistol build, and a level 70 bloodied unarmed. Can you guess which of my characters have the easiest time, I'll give you a hint, it not the character with the most play time, or even the second most play time.

Want to know why? It's because of the stupid modifiers that make anyone who's not running melee have to give 150 percent, hell even using legacies don't help because of one specific modifier.

The two modifiers that cause problems are,

The one that makes enemies invisible unless they shoot, which to be honest seems broken to begin with. It basically neuters my vats build. I can't make use of my high crit chance and ap, so I am forced to just hide behind cover and fire wildly over cover like I'm playing rainbow six Vegas 2 on the hardest difficulty.

This isn't that much of an issue for my power armour build as I can just equip my legacy and spray.

The other one o have a problem with is when you have to finish them with a melee. Do you know how hard it is to chance down a crack infused robot while trying to swing wildly with my mini gun, hoping to hit that 1mm wide hit box and put the cunt in the ground.

On my vats characters it's worse as I have to leave vats to finish them, can you believe the audacity of Bethesda? Making me have to work for my kills. But on a serious note it's stupid, you can't melee indefinitely with a weapon, like you can with a melee weapon. If you miss you have a short cool down before you can swing again.


You ever see 4 level 200 pluses take 45 seconds to kill the boss because the hits won't register. It's equal parts hilarious and soul crushing.

One other modifier that's not that bad on its own but when combined with the previous one you it makes you want to pull your eye lashes off 1 by 1.

It's bad enough watching my character swing and miss, but watching it in slow motion is painful. Bethesda, I'm on console already, you don't need to show me what 10 FPS looks like, I already get that when ever I enter a room with more than 2 enemies.

Slight rant aside, here's how I think they should change to make it more forgiving without being a cake walk.

The modifier that makes enemies invisible, rather than not being able to vats, allow players to vats, but they have a much lower hit chance that doesn't increase with each shot landed. So every shot is a roll of the dice, that way vats builds can still fight them.

For the melee finishers, make it that a headshot can also be used to finish them, or what ever counts as a headshot on the character. That way you don't have to chase down the enemies to finish them.

At the end of the day, daily ops are time trials, they need to be optimised so that every build has an equal chance.

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