Danse has dementia Fire Support Glitch

fallout 8 - Danse has dementia Fire Support Glitch

Hey y'all. I'm having issues with this glitch I've never seen or dealt with before. It seems this glitch isnt common either, since searching it yields no results of what I'm actually looking for.

In fallout 4, I'm wanting to to a Brotherhood playthrough where I become the Elder (Utilizing the danse dilemma mod on Xbox One S).

I arrive at the Cambridge Police Station and everything continues as normal up until the end of Fire support, where he asks you to go to ArcJet with him. He gathers Rhys and Halen and heads into the police station (As usual). However, once I enter and immediately speak to him, he becomes stuck in a loop of his "We appreciate the assistance civilian, but what's your business here" dialogue.

I've tried going through the dialogue again, only for it to repeat when I choose the option to join him.

Im unsure of the cause of this glitch and how to fix it. Quest manipulation usually causes more problems because of this glitch (Even though with the Minutemen fast start which acts almost the same way as the quest manipulation, I have no issues with Preston's dialogue). I've tried deactivating certain mods but I cant quite get it to work. I thought it was due to my alternate start mod, since similar mods tend to break Valentines questline, but deactivating it had no results. In another playthrough we reach the ArcJet entrance where he gives a short briefing but instead of entering he turns and slowly walks away.

For extra information, here is my load order:


Cheat Room (XB1), SKK Fast Start Minutemen, Cheat Terminal, Place Anywhere, All-in-One Firing sound replacement, Cheat Room Far Harbor Patch, Cheat Room Automatron Patch, Cheat Room Nuka-World Patch, No Build Limit – All DLC, Workshop Synth Production, Vault-Tec Anywhere, Deathclaw Armory, Realistic Insects Health, A Gift from God, Sandbag Fortifications, APC and Tank Turrets, Improved Minituemen Artillery, Craftable Power Armor Frames, Stratosville XB1 Settlement, The AEAR-1, Sturmgewehr 44/STG44, STG-60 by Davis237834, Minutemen Kerberos Armor Replacement, Search and Destroy – Fixed, Beast Master – Creature Companion, Full Dialogue Interface, M'sAutomatronPartsCollection, Better Automatron Weapons, Soldiers are People Too – All DLC, Quest Manipulation Program Holotape, Quest Manipulation Program Automatron Patch, Warfists V1, Super Mutant Skeletons, All brotherhood of steel paintjob, The Danse Dilema & Arcadia, Maxson's Outfit, PWR – Passive Water Restoration, The Kelly Manor Horror, VTO Redux, Brotherhood of Steel X-01 Paintjobs, Their head in your hands, Automatron Mini Liberty Prime, 06 Synth Follower – Mature Voice Edition, Feminine Assaultron, Assaultron Army and P.A.M Decals, AssaultronNukaSpaceSuitArmor, More Assaultron, Sexual Assaultron (Its just funny sex joke phrases calm down), Salvaged Assaultron Head, Improved Automatron Robots, Power Line Physics, Wolfenstine-TNO Overhaul, Nexus PMC 3.0, Marine Helmet Light, Another Life – Alternative Start (not enabled), Russian Assault Pack, Mankind Redefined! An institute overhaul, Nuka-World plus, Gatling Laser Overhaul, My son named Shaun, Mauser Karbiner 98k Standalone, Communist Army's Outfit (China/NVA), The M38 Gas Mask, See through scopes, Guido Mista Clothes, .44 Retexture, Ad Victoriam! Minutemen Edition.

This has become a super frustrating issue, that I hope can get resolved.

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