Day 1 player, yearlong Fallout 1st Subscriber here: I just cancelled.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Day 1 player, yearlong Fallout 1st Subscriber here: I just cancelled.

Longtime player since B.E.T.A. 1300+ hours in the game, 5 characters between levels 100 – 200. FO76 is the first game I've ever preordered. Purchased about $60 of atoms over the year prior to the launch of Fallout 1st, which I immediately subscribed to for a full year when it was announced. I have a job that allows me to have a bit of discretionary income and I don't mind supporting the game studio that brought me Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3 & 4, and FO76. Or at least, I didn't.

I've always been quiet about it around this sub, but because of the latest outrage, I feel the need to mention that I created the #1 most downloaded and endorsed Transfer Settlements blueprint for FO4 on Nexus. Obviously, building is a huge factor in the appeal of FO4 and FO76 for me. So when I say that this latest bullshit move against the camp building system is just one in a long string of them, you can take my word for it.

I have camps on 3 characters that I haven't moved in a year or more because Bethesda keeps taking away all the little tricks that make building cool stuff possible. I am terrified of moving these camps because I won't be able to create them again with all the tiny holes they keep poking in the camp building system. It shouldn't be this way. I should feel free to move a camp and know I can make something to rival my last camp. But instead, Bethesda has created a system where a top-tier builder is afraid to build anything.

I'm so tired of seeing the wasted, passionate efforts of users like u/Aten_Ra and u/Papa_Shekels and others putting together these massive bug tracking lists where they break down shit even to the point of giving Bethesda the Form IDs and Keywords to fix, and it just getting a token "we'll pass it along to the team!" and then going into the fucking memory hole. I agree 100% that the devs come off as completely tone-deaf, ignorant of what the player base wants, or worse, they just don't give a fuck.


I watched the vast majority of my friends list drop off from playing this game over the first year. I kept playing with a few diehards. We put up with so much crap that newer players will never know the pain of. Everything from Stretchy Bois to 400lb stash limits to asshats building camps outside the golf club. Nerfs to hell and back on all kinds of weapons, nerfs to legendaries, nerfs to enemy levels, nerf, nerf, FUCKING NERF. Bethesda gets accused of being anti-fun around here, and goddamn if it isn't the truth.

My FO76 photo album is like 80% hilarious bugs and glitches. I've played through it all because despite the problems, I am addicted to the Bethesda "secret sauce" gameplay loop and I believe this game has the potential to be something better than it is. And I just have fun hanging out with people in a Fallout world.

I was initially excited for Wastelanders but after the repeated delays, I was just getting burnt out. I had done everything there was to do in the game and getting bent over at the Purveyor every day just wasn't cutting it. I took a break about a month before Wastelanders hit and didn't come back until a week into the Legendary Run. I gotta admit they pulled me back in with FOMO on that, and I've been playing every day. Still have barely done any Wastelanders content.

My enthusiasm for FO76 has greatly waned, and I fully support ignoring this stupid copy/paste Atlas event and all the raging about the broken build system. I don't know what's so hard about Bethesda basically just stealing the FO4 "Place Everywhere" mod and letting us have at it. How does that really hurt anything?

I'm not done *playing* but I am done *paying.* Congrats Beth, you've lost my support. I am going to have to see a massive sea change in the approach to this game before 76 is going to get another dime from me.

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