Day one Xbox player apology.

fallout 5 - Day one Xbox player apology.

I’ve been playing this game since day one of beta.

I’ve been a fallout fan since fallout 2.

I loved 3, new Vegas , and was browsing the internet following the rumours of Fallout 4 from the very first hint.

I was excited to hear rumour of 76 , and even more excited to be part of the beta.

That being said, I’ve complained and bi*ched and moaned about this game for a while now, more so due to the fact that I care so much about it, otherwise I wouldn’t bother.

Recently (a couple of weeks ago) I started a new character, now , my original rifleman was rushed. Due to limited beta hours , and I was more focused on just “getting through shit and on to the next one” while questing and leveling up.

With my new character I take my time, reading every note , listening to every tape, and going thoroughly through every terminal as I come by them during quests and exploration .


This brought about a whole different experience, I’m not noticing the bugs or glitches , I’m fully involved in the Bethesda style of storytelling.

I’ve come to realize that most other day one/long term players like me are complaining due to them reaching end game, and with not much left to do there we are stuck picking at the imperfections and noticing a lot more bulshit that otherwise didn’t bug us when we were immersed in the core of what fallout 76 had to offer.

That being said , I fu*king love this game, sorry for my non stop negativity in the first month since launch .

Keep fighting the good fight.

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