Dear Bethesda: A Comprehensive Look at the Damage Glitch!

fallout 6 - Dear Bethesda: A Comprehensive Look at the Damage Glitch!

This is meant to be a study of the Damage Glitch to hopefully help Bethesda I don't care if you disagree with points as such, this is literally just what "I" have observed, I am not here to argue, complain or demand a fix, I just want to help Bethesda to find the root cause and to help them fix the issue.

TL:DR This not for you if you just see a wall of text, the title is quite clear I want Bethesda to see this and I just want to help, if you Downvote I'm not sure what your playing at as I'm pretty sure we all want Bethesda to find a solution and patch the issue asap.

So here is what I've observed, the Glitch is DPS based, not explosive specifically, unless people can provide contradictory evidence).

The first weapon I ever got the Damage Bug on was my 2* Furious Gattling Gun, it also ddin't appear until I modified it.

Now the gun is Explosive and Increased Damage per shot on same target.

When I first got it, it was great, it tore through Scorchbeasts like Butter and made most Enemies into Chunks of Meat, then I Modified it, most importantly I gave it the Fire Rate increase.

Now to begin with, no issue, until I hit a level 68 Super Mutant. Once the Glitch started it spread to all my waepons, the only weapons that didn't have an issue where Melee weapons.

Since then I've looked at many posts, videos on YT and tested the Glitch several times and here is my observations:

Firstly, my Stock Level 50 Gattling Gun (Non Legendary is what I man by Stock), even with full upgrades it's no issue, I've used it as my Primary and even have a few Perks to boost it, but not all Perks.

Secondly, as stated I don't do all 3 Heavy Weapons Perks, once they are all activated, Bang, Stock Gattling can Glitch, it's not as consistent as the Legendary Gat, but it can be activated.

Thirdly, Several other Automatic Weapons, ranging from Gatling Plasma to Combat Rifle, can activate Glitch, but usually only on 'High' Level Mobs.

So now I did series of tests and have come to the conclusion that the Glitch is DPS based.

Wanna clarify here I am saying Damage Per Second, NOT Damage Per Shot.

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See if I use an Automatic on a weak mob it dies meaning the DPS is not able to become high, however if it's a high levle or armoured mob, I need to sustain fire, this means the game has to calculate DPS, once thge DPS gets high enough BAM, Glitch.

I've seen this in several Vids player is running around with a Legendary "trying to get the Glitch to Activate" they kill mobs until they hit a high level then it activates. This has lead to t e idea of it's being Explosive Weapons exclusive on some channels, yet I've had it activate many times with non explosive (in fact I've only got one explosive Legendary).


Now here is another observation, if I switch to a Low DPS weapon it can sometimes 'work' when the glitch is active, and if I fire single shots I can also sometimes get the glitch to not affect the damage and as stated Melee weapons don't seem to be affected (note I use Medium and Slow Melee, so can't confirm on a fast weapon which is strong, read on to why I point this out).

So my conclusion is once a certain DPS is achieved, the Glitch kicks in, from then on it takes less DPS to make the glitch activate again.

Here is an example (note all numbers are literally made up and used only for the sake of the example):

Initial Glitch activates at 500 DPS (gonna refer to this as the Activation Threshold), once activated any DPS over 100 is now glitched (refer to this as Glitch Threshold from here on).

This would explain why some smaller/one shot enemies can still be killed and also why using Melee would work, the number of attacks with Melee (again Medium and Slow) are less than 1 times poer second, meaning the DPS would be Lower than the Glitch Threshold.

Now I have had the Glitch occur seemingly at other times, when not using Automatic weapons but I believe it still fits the pattern, for one it seems to activate with shotguns when shooting at a horde (for instance a group of Ghouls all close together) also some weapons go through one mob into another, so the DPS would spike as the damage for two+ mobs is calculated, finally we have Critical hits, than can spike up DPS.

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Edit: I forgot to point out, Explosive Damage is a way to trigger the glitch as like Shoguns it hits multiple enemies at once with the Explosive AoE, so the DPS spikes up and passes the Activation Threshold.

Now again these are all my own observations, studying my own recordings, YT video and testing out my hypothesis in game, and it seems to be consistent, of course I'm limited and could be completely wrong I'm will to accept that of course and his is literally only to try to help, again if you have evidence of the contrary please post.

Please don't say, "well when I play I never had this happen", as stated I've sometimes thought I've had circumstances where I wasn't doing high DPs and it activated but once I rewatched my Gameplay I was able to see I was hitting multiple mobs or was doing more DPS than I thought.

Lastly the glitch doesn't activate 100% of the time I tested it, I sometimes had to try for a while, this is why it is a glitch, glitches by definition are unexpected outcomes within code that should produce a correct result, or a result that is anomalous to previous outcomes with no clear explanation.

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