Dear Bethesda and F1st players, even non F1st players. Let’s talk about how F1st has been forgotten when it’s a big reason Wastelanders was further expanded and added cash to BGS pockets

fallout 5 - Dear Bethesda and F1st players, even non F1st players. Let’s talk about how F1st has been forgotten when it’s a big reason Wastelanders was further expanded and added cash to BGS pockets

So. As many of you remember, when Wastelanders DLC was delayed last minute last October, Bethesda decided it was a good idea to launch a subscription right when they delayed what was called the dlc that will either put the last nail on the coffin, or bring the game back.

Now you might ask, “what company on their right mind would do this??”. Simple BGS parent company investors were in the middle of a buy out. Or at least attempting to. However it’s no surprise the game did poorly during its first year. Income was high when it launched due to fame sells, but since then income declined. Which investors don’t like. So how to fix the dropping income and make it look like a more stable income? Add a subscription. However. They never really expected f1st to actually blow up like it did. A lot more revenue came in and the studio had a “motive” to further expand the team working on the game and not only that, but expand Wastelanders from what it originally was going to be. I’m sure we all remember the first trailer for the DLC showing ward at a house and was made to seem as the Settlers base.

JuiceHead talks about it very well in this video about why it was added. And he talks about it again sometime after on how things are going and the revenue increase in a later video. Can’t find it atm. If I remember what video it was I’ll link it. There’s also a lot of blog posts and gaming outlets that cover fallout 76 and why it did something’s they way it did.

Now back to f1st and it being forgotten. Back when it was announced. It was advertised and highly promoted that not only would we get private servers, scrapbox, atoms, tent, and an outfit, but it was also said there would be exclusive features being added to private servers like bigger building budge/building area, workshop improvements among other things. You can read the original article here. Now, if we go to the current F1st page, here, there is 0 mention of any of those features coming in the future or at all. Which is a bit worrying and extremely disappointing.


The only thing they have mentioned is mods. But that’s not F1st exclusive and that’s possibly years to come if the game makes it that long. What about the other features the advertised when it was announced? And what about “To keep the benefits fresh, we may also change or rotate the icons, emotes, outfits and other cosmetic and utility items available at any given time”? We have seen very little to 0 “fresh” things for f1st. All we have gotten are some reskins of an outfit, skins for tents (total of 5 or so with 2 of them being added with the W-DLC), and 1 new skin for armor.

Every patch it’s extremely disappointing to see no “benefits” for f1st subs that were advertised added to the game. Much less any communication about the state of 1F1st or at least saying “hey we know we advertised things when it launched, but we won’t be able to add them due to limitations. Sorry.” Or any other excuse. Now sure you might say “but you get private worlds, scrapbox, tent, and some atoms.”. But let’s be real here. The atom shop has been extremely disappointing the past months. Myself, I’ve saved up 18k+ atoms because there is nothing “good” to get in the shop. Plus you don’t advertise things, then only deliver half the things you advertised. That would be like a car manufacturer advertising a car with a sunroof, engine, tires, good MPG, with full auto-pilot, parking assist, and other future software updates coming. Then once it sells a lot and makes money, it forgets about the rest of the advertised future updates/features.

I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels “cheated” by this. I got it for 1 year because of the advertised things and upcoming features. But we have seen 0 and we are on month 9/12. All we have seen are re-skins of an outfit I rarely see anyone use anymore, re-skins of the tent, which literally half of them came with the DLC, and an armor paint job. What happened to new emotes? Icons? Utility items? Outfits? Or cosmetic items? Along with all the features that have been ignored and seem like won’t be added when they were advertised to get people to buy f1st? False advertising?

This leaves a really sour taste to not trust BGS to deliver features it promises if you buy into their subscription. I’ve canceled my renew of 1 year f1st as I don’t see them adding anything based on their roadmap. And if you feel the same about this, do the same. Cancel your 1 year/monthly membership. Make BGS listen to us by hitting them where they care about the most. Their pockets. It seems like that’s the only way to communicate with them anymore

Any thoughts?

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