Dear Bethesda, I am Running out of Patience.

fallout 6 - Dear Bethesda, I am Running out of Patience.

I've been A fan of you guys for… well since morrow wind released, and we've had some good times, told some good stories, blew up a few nukes, Slaughtered some slaver's, turned a few guardsmen into sweet rolls, and got high as a kite on CHIM with Vivec…

But it's just not working anymore, and it's not me, it's you.

I've been looking forward to fallout 76 since I first saw the trailer back in… june I think.

A lot of people did not share my opinion, and I'm beginning to think they may have had the right of it.

I've defended this game since the B.E.T.A… and I'm not sure that I can keep doing that in the face of the parade of fu*k up's you guys keep committing.

From having the beta run for an insignificant amount of time, and releasing a buggy mess of a game, to fu*king people over on pre-order purchases, and now just removing the elements of the game that made the late Game bearable in this current patch and not even mentioning it.

I'm getting sick and tired of this shit.

I really want to love this game, there's a lot in this game that I do love, I love finding the records and notes of my predecessor's and their struggles, I love the satisfaction of building up my own little home and making it look cool. I love jusr cruising through Appalachia with the radio blaring full blast, and I love purging the scorched wherever I find them…. all of that is great… When it works.

Key word "when" it works.

It does not work anywhere near enough at the moment. I am tired of having to fast travel to my camp twice, because the first one always spawns me inside a rock, I'm tired of farming springs and screws for hours, only to fall just short of being able to build another piece of Excavator Power Armor because I had to repair all my armor and weapons at the end. Meaning I still can't get those fu*king PA station plans… I'm tired of higher level enemies being massive bullet sponges, and Scorch Beasts having no goddamn cool down on that sonic attack… I'm sick of Legendaries having no good loot, and ammo having weight. I'm done with Heavy Weapons and energy weapons being completely fu*king worthless, and half of the perks not doing anything. And I am certainly fu*king done with PVP being a joke due to broken ass level scaling and fast travel abuse.

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One more chance Bethesda, The patch on the 11th better just be a wholesale improvement, no stealthily reducing weapon durability by 50% or removing springs from the game.

Nothing but things that make the game more fun instead of less.

If not, I'm done.The RE2 Remake will give me my monster's to fight and my weird science, and I can go back to dark souls and bloodborne for pvp and good world building.

And I have the past Fallout's, Red Dead, BOTW and a bunch of other games for good old fashioned open world adventures.

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