Dear Bethesda: Thank you for saving my relationship.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Dear Bethesda: Thank you for saving my relationship.

My girlfriend recently moved across the country, and we had plans of keeping the relationship going in spite of the distance. Things got rough though. It's just different only being able to talk on the phone or through Skype, without being able to actually do stuff. We were on the verge of a mutual breakup, and suddenly she came to me with an idea. She knew how excited I was about Fallout 76, and bought a Playstation 4 along with the game.

I didn't even know until one day I was playing Fallout and I got a friend request on PS4 along with the message "Hello hunnybunny!" She had bought an entire console and game just to try to keep the spark alive. And guess what? It worked! We work similar hours still, and every day after work we start a party chat and play some Fallout 76. It feels weird to say it, but our relationship has never been stronger.

I don't care what faults anyone can find with Fallout 76. To me and my girlfriend, it is the perfect game. We have so much fun just running around exploring West Virginia and singing along to the songs on the radio. Fallout 76 has allowed us to connect to one another and bring back a fire to our relationship that was beginning to fade. So from me and my girlfriend, as well as anyone else who has had their life improved by this wonderful game, I just want to say this to Bethesda: THANK YOU! Your game is absolutely amazing, and it's literally saved my relationship and made it stronger.

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