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Dear Bethesda: This is how to fix your shit and gain back the trust of your once huge fanbase who loved your company and games.

fallout 7 - Dear Bethesda: This is how to fix your shit and gain back the trust of your once huge fanbase who loved your company and games.

Okay so I have it all mapped out. Of course Bethesda won't do this, it's ultimately losing them money while giving them more clients in the future for their upcoming games so profit over time with losing money at first. Let's start with Fallout 76: I see two options here. Option A – Make Fallout 76 free to play. With that you can justify the whole Atom shop and maybe even the Fallout 1st subscription if they revamp it into actually being worthwhile for the price. Right now the miniscule benifits for the absurd price is honestly idiotic and the most greedy thing. If you make it free to play and revamp the subscription service then you will ultimately make amends a bit and gain some trust back. Option B – Keep it not free to play but scrap Fallout 1st, issue refunds to those who bought it, continue updating the game and fixing it, and give the atom shop realistic prices instead of 6 bucks for a stupid skin.

Skyrim and Fallout 4 paid mods situation: It's simple, either stop the creation club service and release everything for free…or you can give it different prices because everything on there is overpriced and continue releasing content with better price tags and a way to spend money without the credits requiring you to spend a certain amount to get one creation. Say you want a creation and it's 300 credits. Well you have to spend $8 for 750 credits when all you need is the 300. Make every 50 credits show up on ps store. Start it out with 50 credits = 50 cents. Then every other option go up by 50 more credits.


Future Bethesda games: I know Obsidian is probably busy now they've been bought by Microsoft but I know they'd love to make another Fallout using Fallout 4 assets. Reach out, work out a deal, see what can happen. That way the Fallout franchise can get a big boost after everything that's happened. Also consider remastering Fallout 3 and New Vegas if possible. Continue working on Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6. And DO NOT mess them up like Fallout 76 and remember the feedback Fallout 4 got with it's dialogue tree and other choices that fans didn't appreciate. No microtransactions, no online (except 4 player co-op possibly), paid dlc, and focus on a great single Player roleplaying experience.

I doubt anyone will read this but I've loved Bethesda since 2010 when I was 10 years old. Their games were the best to me and I played Skyrim nonstop as a kid. I had a rough childhood and skyrim was my escape from it. Being bullied in high school everyday for being gay I came home, booted up Skyrim, and became whoever I wanted to be. Someone important, someone people loved. Same with the Fallouts. Same with Oblivion. I loved you Bethesda. Don't do this to your fans.

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    Jan 18, 2021 5:01 pm

    I was reading this until the moment the guy said he was 10 in 2010.. please, that’s ridiculous : what do you know about bethesda when your first game from them is skyrim ??
    you are in no position to be nostalgic, skyrim being already the beginning of the end (actually, fallout 3 is).

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