Decided to jump back in and start fresh before Wastelanders, here’s some thoughts.

fallout 6 - Decided to jump back in and start fresh before Wastelanders, here's some thoughts.

Yes there will be spoilers for anybody who hasn't played the game.

Alright, first things first, I did this playthrough on PS4 almost completely solo, only teaming up with some randos for a single quest. I also have not yet completed the main quest line yet on this character, I've only done up to the end of the brotherhood portion atm but I've done everything on other characters.

So, right off the bat I want to say that a second playthrough after familiarizing with the game is way better than my first playthrough. I did some research on builds and decided to go for a vats pistol build. Having that target in mind for level 50 made leveling up and the perk card system a lot more manageable.

On my first character I was always overwhelmed by the options and not know what might come down the line ended up spreading my special and perks all over the place. So having a set build in mind was a huge plus to the playability of the game.

I'd also been out of the game since january 2019 so after a year of updates, I can see that player interaction has shifted drastically. The biggest changes I see are pvp, shops, and nukes.

Pvp used to be shoot first ask questions later, especially with higher level characters praying on low levels. Throught my run I've met people ranging from level 3 to level 240 and not a single one fired a shot at me, instead option to wave and even a few dropped low level loot for me early on.

The shops added a whole new dynamic to camps that I absolutely love, that being the ability to see them on the map. So often in my first playthrough I found myself making choices about what to drop so I could fast travel to my camp for crafting or repairs.

Being able to see camps on the map as shops meant that this time around I would check my map first and see if there was a camp nearby. And oftentimes there was.


Obviously the player controlled inventory is a bonus as well, as I bought some great low level legendaries that I probably never would have found on my own, but the visibility is definitely my favorite part. I also just love seeing all the cool camp layouts people build.

The next part about nukes is pretty simple, they arent spammed any more. I dont know if this is a fluke but in almost a month straight of playing I've had more server time without nukes than with. Also, whenever nukes are launched, they arent always the same 2 spots either. People seem to be interested in nuking other places on the map, and that's fine by me.

Now on to the gameplay. While I was enjoying the game immensely a I meandered from story to story, hitting up some events or sidequests here and there, I hit a bit of a roadblock at the mid game.

Once you finish with the raiders and have to progress to the mire and the Free Staters quests it felt like a wall was put in front of me. I was only mid 20s level wise and all the enemies in the mire were kicking my ass. I ended up wandering around the map doing random events and some side quest lines until I got bored at around lvl 30 and pressed on.

I know lots of online games require a grind of some sort, it pads the game and forces players to experience more of what the world has to offer. But it felt very disjointed from the beginning of my adventure.

And that's about it. I'm enjoying my time with the game and I think that wastelanders is going to be an amazing blast of fresh air.

Thanks for anybody who read through all that.

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