Decided to try Fallout 2 and I an getting my @ss kicked my everything that moves.

fallout 3 - Decided to try Fallout 2 and I an getting my @ss kicked my everything that moves.

After getting through the Trials, which was a damned disaster in of itself, I get nearly killed by some weeds in a garden that can apparently hit further than my spear.

I was only able to get through that by backing off and getting healed by the stoned out of his mind which doctor several times.

I then go get some dog from some geckos, which wasn't to bad after I figured out kicking is somehow better than the bitchy Aunt flint upgraded spear.

Decided to head to the next town and on the way there get surrounded by literally 12 of the damned piranha plants in some shack with about 6 scorpians for added flavor.

Manged to squeeze past them by booking it with only some chunks torn out of me and being poisoned.

Get to the town and see a notice board. Check it out for jobs and get some vague leads. Talk to some Hodor level brains guy about some scorpian man killing his cows. Figure its mirelurks or something and since it's the starting town it should be an easy quest so I take it.

Get dropped on the middle of a bunch of cows with Hodor and one scorpian. Managed to kill it on my first turn and see a bunch of the to the south. Figure Hodor will help me take em on so charge in head first only to find out that Hodor is about as useful as Bran in battle.

After reloading I see a few guys north of Hodor and figure they might help. Turns out they are dickheads so I tell em to shove it. They get pissed and kick my ass while Hodor copies season 8 Cersei, standing and watching.

Reload again and talk to the guy some and convince them to screw off by telling them Hodor is not as useless as he actually is and knows what they are up to.

Still having to deal with the scorpians I manage to take them by kiting the for like 20 minutes and complete the quest without so much as a thank you from the useless oaf.

Return to the town and look around finding some lady that will barter with me. Accidentally sell my spear for nothing as I didn't figure out how bartering worked yet and hadn't saved since before the cow quest so I didn't bother reloading.

Decided to check out the Bathhouse to see what that was about only to find the lady that runs the joint now hates me because her kids are retard abusing assholes and I screwed up there plans.

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Decided to try the other side of town for some rat quest I read off the bounty board and convince some Slim guy to give me the key to go clear them out for what I hope will be some starting gear.

Find some ammo in a shop but have no gun yet but remember that one was for sale at some guy from earlier. Still don't understand how to buy stuff and have no money anyway so that didnt work.

Run back to rat town and was happy to find I could one shot them with a kick and had a 51 to 47% chance to hit them, no idea why the variable hit chance, so I felt like I finally found the place I was supposed to be.


Only to be fighting 2 of them and MISS 9 50% HITS IN A ROW.

After getting gnawed to death I reload, redo a bunch of stuff again, and finally get to a sewer level and blow through it easily until I find the second floor.

Then mauled by this giant talking rat that has 60 health, runs faster than I can, and hits me 2 times a turn.

After reloading I get annoyed because I can see something on the ground and can't figure out how to pick it up only go look it up and find out you can press shift to highlight stuff. A keybind list in the options menu would have been nice but whatever.

After back tracking and getting a bunch of tools and I had missed I go back to the second level and click shift and see a hand gun.

"Great, just what I need!" I think. Sprint over there and pick it up but The Brain is on to me so I jump in my menu and equip it.

The Rat King is now right on top of me so I check my chance to hit and it was in the 90s so I take the shot and land a hit! … for 6 damage. The 10 mm pistol just did less damage then me kicking it would have.

After it knaws off my face again I decided to grab the pistol and book it to the other ladder I noticed near the top of the cavern.

After clearing it out with relative ease I discover some dynamite near a locked door. I figure they intend me to use it to blast the door open but I have 70 lock picking so I figure I wont need it.


I break the lock on my second attempt at unlocking it.

Decide to screw it and use the dynamite to kill the Rat King. So I set the dynamite down with 10 seconds and aggro the Rat King and try to kite him into the blast. Barely miss him and get my face ripped off.

Try again and no from the second I put the dynamite down that the timing was gonna be off. Decided to book it only for my "poor explosive skills" to cause the blast to go off early, directly under the Rat King!

After a scream of triumph I see the smoke settle only for the Rat King to still be standing there.

Confused I check the log only to find a bundle of dynamite that was supposed to be used to explode an iron door did 36 damage.



Pissed off beyond belief at this I decided to just stand there and unload as much of my pistol into the bastard as I can as I have already accepted my death.

Get a crit on the second hit while I was at 5 health and manage to kill him.

And I am then promptly one shot by a pig rat on my way out of that hell hole.

So yeah. Fun game so far.

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