Definitive answer to the FNV ending debate

fallout 3 - Definitive answer to the FNV ending debate

The question of which ending in FNV is the best has been already discussed at length. All the ups and downs of the factions have been weighed and most seems to think that NCR is the bad but best option owing to its democratic values and ideas of freedom that players are already accustomed to. But still, most seems to ignore the bigger picture when it comes to choosing factions. It is easy to associate Mr.House with the monopolies of the 21'st, 20'th and 19'th centuries, however the circumstances of the Fallout universe gives Mr.House's ending much more depth than the dreams of a 200 year old CEO.

Before beginning I would like to shut down 3* of the 5* main endings people chose:

Caesar’s Legion is stupid, most of the content which would give it depth was cut, it is unsustainable, it is cruel, the only people who support it are meme lords. Ignoring posts such as this there is no reason to support The Legion.

The so called “independent New Vegas but I rule it" ending is similarly stupid for the simple fact that it doesn’t exist. In game it is clearly stated that the courier moves on from New Vegas after the game ends. This makes sense as the game can’t accommodate an ending for each player. Your 9 int courier who read The Prince and had philosophical discussions with Easy Pete might not be as capable as another courier named Bob who put his level ups in only unarmed and intense training.

Saying “ I picked the ending where I rule" would be like saying: “ i took the ending where the courier teams up with the enclave remnants and crushes everyone with it" it is good fan-fiction but simply not an option.

This brings us to the final bad ending of creating an independent New Vegas with Yes Man. At first glance this might seem to be an ending on par with NCR and Mr.House but it is in fact as problematic as the first two. In the Yes Man ending Paradise and the greater Vegas area is left under the command of the three casinos with Yes Man at the helm. These three casinos are: The Gomorrah (aka the casino where prostitutes can just run away, black mail is considered part of regular bureaucracy, terrorist attacks are considered normal and the boss of the casino can be killed by a mailman and a mid-level employee), The Ultra-Luxe ( where cannibals roam freely) and The Tops ( that despite being the only normal casino still managed to nearly ‘top’ Mr.House, in short it is too strong). More importantly, with Yes Man, the only thing stopping some random waste lander from taking control over New Vegas is the doors of the Lucky 38. If someone were to just get into the casino and take the elevator to the top floor, they can basically become king as Yes Man will do whatever he or she says.

This brings us to the NCR vs House debate. Yes, in the short term the welfare and taxes policy of the NCR is better than Mr.House’s libertarianism, yes the utopic dreams of Mr. House are somewhat unrealistic, yes absolute power does corrupt absolutely; without considering the larger connotations of the ending you pick choosing between House and NCR is simply choosing weather or not to believe in Mr.House’s utopic dream, it is simply a choice with no right answer (if you don’t consider the arguments I will now make). But when you consider the political situation the NCR, Legion and New Vegas is in, things take a different turn.

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As outlined by the Lonesome Road DLC, there are the problems inside the NCR territories as we can make out from in game dialogue: Large scale corruption because of the old and inefficient bureaucratic system, lack of protection caused by the large number of troops trying to hold and extend the borders, lack of trust in the government caused by rich senators holding too much power. None of these problems will be fixed if the NCR wins; the army will be further stretched, bad administrators will be assigned to New Vegas as border territories often get treated worse than inner ones (causing corruption), rich casino owners and people like the Van Graffs will be added to the pool of rich oligarchs. The annexation of New Vegas might bring in profits at first and make the lives of the Vegasians better at first, but it will only delay the ruin of the NCR. Infact, if the NCR wins, The Legion also more or less collapses. Leaving ample lands to annex, but these lands are inhabited by semi-civilized tribes who will certainly attack any Californian settlers who come to their land. This will mean that the NCR will have to spend more resources protecting lands that it doesn’t even need. Ironically, the collapse of the NCR will mirror that of real-life Rome.

Now let’s look at the result(s) of a Mr. House victory. The Legion collapses, leaving semi civilized tribes in the east. These tribes would at first fight each other and maybe even attack New Vegas but they would never be able to fight off House’s robots (it is important to mention that these robots would have much difficulty fighting in the rugged terrain of The East, meaning that House couldn’t attack them and overextend his borders even if he wanted to), soon they would start embracing the outside world and thus society thanks to the past encouragements of Caesar. The NCR wouldn’t collapse but it would enter a state of chos. The people, seeing as the sacrifice of their soldiers went unrewarded, would start acting against the establishment; the oligarchs who rule would start losing power as the general state of chos would affect the economy badly, The NCR would have to stop its territorial expansion and defend its borders. Later, The NCR would either collapse (but with less problems and less borders to deal with) as Ulysses predicted, or reform.

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When it comes to New Vegas itself A House victory also benefit the people of Vegas. First, let’s look at a future where Mr.House can fulfil his dreams and make Vegas a better place: Mr. House defends his borders with his robot, these robots may be small in numbers compared to the tribes of the east and The NCR but Vegas only has narrow entrances to protect ( Long 15, Hoower Dam etc…), perfect for House’s low quantity, high quality soldiers. Then, Mr House would start reopening the factories around Vegas to make more robots (and possibly rockets for the future), creating jobs and food for its inhabitants (Mr. House’s libertarian economy would of course never work in a global or even national scale, but when it comes to small bits of land like Vegas it can fare better). Soon Vegas becomes a hub of trade and production, the aver of the East and West, New Konstantinapolis, future capital of Man. From there, the rest is history.

Now let’s look ts an ending where Mr. House either dies or fails before reaching any heights: Vegas becomes the gateway between The East and The West, protected by the famous/infamous 3-1 casino(s) of New Vegas. The people of Vegas would at first suffer from lack of welfare or protection but as the casino(s) (which are no longer burdened by an unpredictable robot) reach further into the lands of New Vegas towns would gather back their strength.

As we can see this is an Independent New Vegas Light ending, only it’s not as anarchic.


NCR is going to die because… (play Lonesome Road).

The Mr. House ending isn’t that bad even if Mr. House dies.

The creation of an independent state between the NCR and the East is critical for the general prosperity of the wastes.

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