Detailed Camp Shelters info/feedback for those of you who can’t access the PTS

fallout 5 - Detailed Camp Shelters info/feedback for those of you who can't access the PTS

Overall shelters have a lot of potential to be great for camp builders, they provide an area with a lot less restrictions than a normal CAMP. However it isn't completely without some glaring issues/downsides.

A lot of the restrictions have been either dumbed down or removed.

For example;

  1. You can now place items on shelves with each shelf having collision allowing for individual placing.
  2. You now have the option to turn snapping on/off when placing walls, floors or stairs. This comes in handy when you want to build something a little less conventional.
  3. Builds no longer need to be connected to the ground. You can place things randomly floating in the air if that's your thing. No more "part of the structure would not be accessible". *Hooray*

Couple of notes.

  1. The Utility room has a fair amount of space considering that it is the free one. You're able to fill it pretty nicely However there isn't really enough space to build something, this is definitely more of a decorative area.
  2. The Lobby and Atrium seem to suffer from the same issues as one another, they're too big with not enough to fill it accordingly. You can build inside it but random builds don't necessarily look right within the inside of a vault.
  3. There were, however, some leaks that suggested a large cave interior may be on it's way as there is code relating to a few different interiors.
  4. The Utility room has a small hatch entrance and the Lobby and Atrium have 2, A VERY LARGE vault entrance/giant concrete box and a small vault door.
  5. The budget seems to be the same for all 3 at the moment.
  6. Everything is part of a grid system. All floors and edges have snap points you can choose to use.
  7. Placing objects on shelves is not fully functional yet — the lower rungs of shelves don’t support most floor decorations BUT will tolerate most appropriately sized stash boxes.

Now some negatives.

  1. You can't place vendors inside (This is a good or bad thing depending on who you are.)
  2. The size of the Atrium seems like an issue when you think about how little 'clutter' items we have. On top of that, even if we had an abundance of items to fill the vault, the budget simply wouldn't allow for it. After only building a few containers to decorate the place, I had noticed how much my budget had started going up already.
  3. It looks as though anything that assigns an item from your stash for display can't be placed, (Display cases, Allies, Display Shelves, Gun Racks, ETC.) this could just be for the PTS but it isn't available as of this moment.
  4. You can't place any resource machines, (Ammo converter, Ammo Generator, Crops, Fertilizer Machine, Chicken Coop, ETC.) again, this might be for the PTS. However it could be limitations with the instance as these items probably wouldn't run on an instance that only exists when entered.
  5. Despite all these other things being missing, you can still place traps and the game gives you a warning the first time you enter an interior that you could be killed due to this. It doesn't tell you if there are traps, you just have to hope there aren't any if you choose to enter one.
  6. Lighting could be an issue. If I place a light on the roof, it definitely wont reach the ground. In the vault this won't be an issue but it might be in something like a cave.
  7. It renders a lot of atomic shop items kind of useless when they either don't fit in, or fit in general.

As I said at the start the Shelters have potential, however if we don't have the items to utilize them properly they'll just turn into a feature nobody pays much attention to. If I don't have any reason to enter it, I won't. Yknow?

Anyway, I hope this was somewhat informative for those of you who are excited but can't access the PTS yourself.

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