Did I just gain Good or Bad karma for this?

fallout 8 - Did I just gain Good or Bad karma for this?

So earlier today I grouped up with four strangers on Fallout 76, all of us wanting to team up to level up, being low levels ourselves (11-43). At first we got along well, but soon after one of the four started to be a bit "funny".

This person insulted us often, attempted to scam us in dodgy trades and worst of all, didn't even try to play the game. Getting others to give them plans, junk and build a nice large house with a large amount of instruments and extra items that may be seen in a level 100s house not a level 25.

They told us that they used some higher level players to make for them. The part I didn't mention was that this person was a girl. Normally this wouldn't phase me as all I care about are those sweet level ups and tasty double barrel shotguns, but from the way she talked about it, shes was some sort of sweet anime princess and we were in her benevolent grace. But frustrations were brewing and as 75% of the population in the squad was unhappy, the monarchy may be struck with a sudden case of, coup d'état.

Then it all happened. Her boyfriend joined the party not saying much but putting unusual messages in the chat (just weird, inappropriate messages). She asked my friend for a large amount of 10mm ammo, in exchange for some plans. My friend being innocent and very friendly dropped the rounds, outside of trade and asked to drop the plans. She took the ammo, fast travelled and left the Xbox party but not leaving the squad. So I announced to the 3 of us left, grade your fat mans, launchers and shotguns and meet me outside her base, leaving her in a squad by herselve making a resistance of our own to get our revenge.

So what partook was nearly unspeakable.


Destruction on no level I've ever witnessed.

Her two story house was completely ruined, purifiers destroyed, benches pulverized and the beautiful instuments and gorgeous grand piano that I was so envious of, riddled with what felt like thousands of shotgun pellets.

Attempts where made to stop the ensuing uprising, but the Queen and her Prince's heads were crushed under the weight of a super sledgehammer from a brother in arms.

She understood that nothing could stop this tsunami of fury and she quit the game in pain of what felt to her like 20 hours lost progress.

Then the messages burst in saying how could grown men dare to treat her like this and we were "fucking assholes" and how she didnt deserve it , she promptly blocked us all and had her boyfriend relay more messages of how we were a disgrace.

But now I think, did we go to far? It was funny yes, but was it worth it in the end?

Thanks for reading. I feel like I need to give a little more understanding. I don't like trolls and griefers and I rarely ever do it myself. I also don't dislike or discriminate on anyone (Male, Female or Helicopter), being rather passive and enjoying the little moments. I just wanted some revenge on someone who probably would of betrayed us again further down the line. I really enjoy Fallout 76 but I can't understand getting people to play for you, even if salvaging junk can be dull at times. There is no sense of accomplishment in it, its like buying your progression in the game. Again thanks for your time! <3

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