Disabled Vending/Mole Miner Event/Fasnacht Delay’s Implication

fallout 5 - Disabled Vending/Mole Miner Event/Fasnacht Delay's Implication

Hilarity of these things not withstanding, everything about these issues opens up a huge glaring issue affecting the whole of Fallout 76 in of itself.

The limits.

With vending disabled, the only way players can offload legendaries they don't want is to Script them. Except we can't. Because Script limit. These low level Mole Miners each drop 1 legendary. To farm the low % drop chance items from those oranate pails, you have to kill a ton of them. Eventually, your stash can't hold it anymore. You're either quitting or leaving them on the ground. Wasted Script.

Selling them? Along with all the other vendor trash from these pails? Daily vendor cap limit, hard player cap limit. No vending machines to easily buy things from that you need.

Oh well let's go farm gold bullion. Except most of us have notes out the yin yang, and you can only redeem 20 a day for 200 bullion.

WHY are there all these limits? I have never seen a single game ever limit the player on what they can do in my entire life. Bethesda, I want to play your game, despite all the bugs, glitches, etc. Except I can't, because my stash is full, there's no reason for me to grind public events, and I have 0 to do.

The whole argument I've seen for these limits is exactly that, to keep people playing longer and coming back. Well, a lot of us have hit the opposite. A limiting system like this just makes it so we have to log in for five minutes to do our chores, ignore whatever Atom shop banner you plaster on our log in screens, and then log out for the day.


The Mole Miner and Fasnact events were supposed to be a good distraction from this fact and this depressing grind, but one was ruined by abysmal drop rates and the other was yanked because you didn't listen to your play testers.

Wastelanders was such a good foot forward, and since its release and bringing so many people back, you've started regressing slowly. Bugs, patches that break various things, more weird decisions, lack of communication…

You want good will?

*Remove limit on how much script a player can generate per day. Instead place the limit on how much script a player can SPEND per day. This does NOTHING to flood the economy with tons of legendaries, but instead gives us a way to ease the burdens of our full-to-bursting stashes.

*Speaking of stashes, raise the limit. 1000 even.

*Up the gold bullion limit per day to 500, or slash the prices of gold bullion items across the board. The grind is too long, too boring, and doesn't keep anyone's interest.

*Remove vendor cap limits. We already have a player max cap limit, there's no reason for a double gate in this instance. Or keep the vendor limit and remove the player cap limit. One or the other. A double gate is just asinine.

*Listen to the feedback your PTS players actually give you when they tell you something isn't working. Or when the community tells you since the launch of wastelanders a function isn't working. Don't go making that broken aspect a key part of a huge, once a year event.

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