Disappointed with fallout 1

fallout 2 - Disappointed with fallout 1


I recently tried playing the original fallout game. After about 15-17 hours of play i'm quite disappointed and frustrated at the game.

some of the experiences which bought me to this point:

  • Constant crashing; (this is the smallest issue since i understand that fallout was not made with modern OS and hardware in mind), the game kept crashing due to trying to access memory outside of its allocation range.
  • The diminishing importance of time; early in the game when you are tasked with retrieving a water chip for your vault, you are constantly thinking about timing and it gave a very immersive feel to the concept of travelling, whenever i visited an area i would feel like i needed to get the most out of that area before i left since travel spent so much time and i couldn't be jumping freely between locations like i could with fast travel in the other fallout games I've played. However once you get the water chip to vault 13 this time aspect entirely falls out of relevance, in fact i would purposely waste time to wait for chem addictions to wear off.
  • Very poor narrative experiences (and this is by far my biggest issue) ; before i found the military base i joined the brotherhood, they asked me as had my vault overseer to seek out the base in the northwest so i did i found it and couldn't fight the mutants so i went back to the brotherhood and told the general i had found it, he asked me if I thought the brotherhood should move in and i told him to wait. I went back to the base a little later in the game when i was more powerful, I wanted to discover more on my own before the brotherhood came in, i was able to get in but left when i realised i still wasn't equipped to fight all the mutants, so i went back to the brotherhood finally to tell the general to go ahead but when i talked to him all i got was the three questions you can always ask him, the dialogue option to talk about the base was gone. I also went to the cathedral by direction of nicole of the followers and found the vault underneath it, i found the master dude and when i talked to him ,after using many stimpaks walking down that corridor, he spoke as if we'd already met and my characters optional replies implied i had any clue what was going on, which i didn't and it didn't make narrative sense for my character to have any clue. i tried to fight him and died, fair enough. I went back to the military base later on and was able to kill all the mutants i could get to but i couldn't figure anything out to get passed the force fields i hacked the computer on the first floor and the game said i had disabled half the force fields, but by the looks of it they were all up.

I understand this is supposed to be a bit of a puzzle but when it doesn't feel like the components of the puzzle are working as intended it just makes me frustrated. Anyway i had a few questions for people who have played the old fallout games about these experiences:

  • should i try playing again? I really did enjoy some of the rpg aspects especially the looting and the combat, i enjoyed carrying out quests without actually having a real quest tracker, but in the end i want it to feel like my characters experience fitted together nicely and this game sort of failed to do that for me.
  • Will i run into similar problems with the sequel? i was also thinking of playing the sequel but if it's going to be much of the same thing im reconsidering.
  • Would downloading the Fixit patch have solved most of these problems? i got rid of it because the steam versions seemed to run smoother and the ui was scaled a little better for my tastes.

Please don't downvote just because this is negative, I do it in good faith and because i want to enjoy the game not because i want to discredit and make others feel bad for liking it

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