Discovered something last night that’s kinda interesting, but mostly useless.

fallout 8 - Discovered something last night that’s kinda interesting, but mostly useless.

TL;DR: With the SS Jetpack, you can launch yourself into the sky with a spikeboard trap at a trajectory to where you hit the actual sky barrier, resulting in the same unlimited* AP thing as when you fall through the ground while out of bounds.

Ok, so most of you won’t have any idea what I’m talking about. Let me back up first. A while ago it was found that if you go into nuclear winter, then back to adventure mode, you can actually just walk out of bounds of the map. As in the barrier keeping you within the map isn’t there anymore for that session. After that, it was discovered that if you go too far outside the map, you’ll start falling through the ground. Once that happens, you have unlimited* AP. I put an * after unlimited because it isn’t really unlimited for everything. AP will still drain when running, jumping, using vats, getting hit with dodgy on, etc. The only thing it’s unlimited for is the jetpack. And even then it’s still not like you can jetpack upwards forever, you’re still bound by an upward arc. Sure that can be increased with lag (during sbq for example), but it’s still limiting. What it does allow you to do is just hold the boost button without your AP ever decreasing. This is useful when flying across the map with spikeboard traps, but not even necessary. So basically this trick is just for show.

I always thought falling through the ground out of bounds was the only way to activate this, but I actually found another method last night.


If you guys have seen my posts in the past, I’m all about flying in 76. I discovered the sky tile and have basically been living in the sky for months. I have a spikeboard trap up there that I can use to get anywhere else on the map. Anyone familiar with launching yourself with those traps will know it can be pretty inconsistent sometimes. Depending on where you stand determines the trajectory in which you’re launched. It’s usually out and a little up, which is perfect for flying. But sometimes you get launched way up and barely out at all. When you hit this kind of launch, boosting launches you WAY higher up than usual.

One more thing to go over are the heights of my structures near at the sky tile. So the tile itself and my camp are about 130ft off the ground of the toxic valley. My survival tent is about 200ft above that, so it’s about 300-350ft off the ground.

When I launched myself with the spikeboard last night from my camp, I was able to get up close to my survival tent, then shot past it even higher. Just estimating, I’d say I hit about 500ft above the ground before what seemed like the common rubber banding back down to right above my camp. However, I think I actually hit the sky barrier and the same thing happened that does when you fall out of bounds. Because after that rubber banding, I had the same unlimited AP thing going on. Without going into nuclear winter mode first. It’s strange, and very useless, but just thought I’d share.

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