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fallout 6 - Discussion about Nuka World - Ideas for roleplaying believable characters

It is widely considered that Nuka World would have been a lot better if it weren't a DLC, but a standalone game. The player doesn't have much of a choice but to become a Raider, even though the only option people have in the base game in terms of being "evil" is to be a slight jerk to everyone. This means that it's hard to make a believable character with this DLC, as you need to be good before and evil after. Yes, you could just kill all the Raiders, but spending $20 just for that is pretty lame.

But never say never, right? Let's go through some main points that can help story-focused players feel better about what is generally a really cool DLC.

The first thing to consider when approaching the challenge of believable theme park roleplay is what Commonwealth faction you'll join.

A Minuteman playthrough is next to impossible in terms of roleplaying, since the Raiders and Minutemen are polar opposites of one another and mortal enemies.

A Brotherhood playthrough is also pretty difficult, since they consider Raiders to be "scum". It wouldn't be as hard as a playthrough with the previous faction, though.

A Railroad playthrough might work. This faction is mostly enemies with the Institute, and some escaped Synths are said to become Raiders. I myself don't know as much about this faction as I do the others, so please correct me if I'm wrong about anything there.


An Institute playthrough might also work. As different as the primitive Raiders are to the advanced Institute, both of them put down and hurt others for their own personal gain. I don't think the Institute approves of Raiders very much, though, or anyone else on the surface.

But all of that is based on the morals of the four main factions, not the morals of the player. You don't need your character's views to be completely parallel with those of your faction, and you don't need them to stay the same the entire game. There are a lot of what ifs in terms of reasons for the player to seemingly out of nowhere want to become an evil Raider.

What if something just snapped with the player? What if you realized something about your faction that made you see everything completely differently? What if you were plotting to have Raiders take over the Commonwealth all along, and you joined the four different factions in order to weaken then up from the inside? The possibilities are endless.

So what are your ideas? Or did/will you ignore the actual questline because you only wanted be able to build cash registers in settlements? Maybe you found an interesting way of eliminating the Raiders without just killing them all? I flaired this post as "Discussion" for a reason, so get to the comments if you want to.

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