Discussion: Dev Imposed Limitations Have Directly Lead to Generosity Among the Community.

fallout 7 - Discussion: Dev Imposed Limitations Have Directly Lead to Generosity Among the Community.

I would like to hear other people's opinions on this.

Since the game was released there have been a large number of complains/suggestions in regards to a lot of the limitations that the developers have imposed on the game.

The three biggest examples of this I can give are:

  • Limited Stash Space (800 currently)
  • Limited Daily Resources (1,400 caps/150 script from NPC vendors per day)
  • Limited Resource Capacity (25,000 cap limit per character)

While these are things that have all received a large deal of criticism from the players of the game, I would like to look at the issue from a different perspective.

One of the things that this game has gotten a large amount of praise for is the generosity and general helpfulness of the community. I personally believe that this, at least partially, is a direct result of these limitations that have been imposed upon the game.

Being that we can't horde to our hearts content because of stash space limitations, we can't sell to NPC vendors to our hearts content because of the 1,400 cap/150 script per day limit, and we can't horde caps to our hearts content because of the 25,000 per character cap limit. Once you run into these issues (full stash, cleaning out the vendors cap/script supply for the day, hitting or nearing the character cap limit) many people are forced into making the choice of just trashing extra items that they are unable to horde/sell.


If put into the situation where you have no choice but to essentially throw things away that you would normally horde or sell, I believe that much of the player base instead choose to at least still get SOME use out of these items, and do so by giving them to other players who can still potentially find use in them (either by using them or selling them).

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I give out ammo, junk, consumables, and lower tier legendary items on almost a daily basis, and if I am being honest the main reason is simply because I don't have the room to keep them for myself and can't sell them (outside of player vending, which also suffers from the limited stash space issue). If given the option of just flat out trashing them or giving them to someone who could actually use them, I almost always gravitate to giving them away to other people because otherwise it just feels like a waste.

I would like to hear other peoples opinions on this issue, and would love if this discussion could potentially change a few peoples perspectives and turn some of the common criticisms of the game into something positive instead.

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