DLC for my Fallout game idea

fallout 5 - DLC for my Fallout game idea

So roughly a week ago I posted about a fallout game set in texas, it was an idea I had been working of for roughly a year before realizing I might not want to work at Bethesda (it was around the time of a certain 76 dropping) but while I was making what I call Fallout Lonestar i had 5 DLC ideas for it (and no none of them where workshop DLCs, if I made any of those they would be free)

DLC 1- Storms from the North. Thus DLC would have brought you to Oklahoma City and added lore to Oklahoma in the fallout universe, such as Oklahoma suffers from Rad Tornadoes that can be miles wide causing most people to live underground. There would be 2 factions, nothing having ideas for either stopping the storms all together or buffing them up. (Note taking the evil ending would have destroyed Oklahoma City allowing you to comeback and search through the rubble)

DLC 2- Freedom Trail. This DLC takes you to a small town in Alabama called Spanish Fort and the towns across from it called Mobile. In this DLC you would be fighting against slavers or with them. However something worse would be going down, you see mobile and Spanish fort are right next to the gulf of Mexico and with some lore I would add a nuke landed in the gulf leaking radiation into the sea for 250 years (fallout Lonestar would have taken place 50 years after Fallout 3) after finishing your fight you come to realize that a now mutant giant squid is preparing to attack both city's and you have to be the one to stop it

DLC 3- New World Hope. In this DLC you find a crashed satellite near the ruins of Austin, as you get close to it your knocked out and sent to a familiar place, you are transported to Big Mountain. As you explore the crater you find the think tank who tell you the master of this place has opened a new facility long since forgotten by the think tank, Z-14-4 is a facility that had been working on a device called the G.E.C.K 2.0, it would be able to restore life into 1 of the city's in texas, or with some mofif it could be more destructive then the nukes ever where


DLC 4- Civil Re-War. This would take you on the Texas Mexic border where a massive civil war is taking place between a town. On one side you have the traders and on the other the mercs. In this DLC you wont be able to take your gear with you and the weaponry you find is remodeled weapons from the civil war era. Use these old weapons to either bring these groups together or to side with one or kill them both

DLC 5- Attacks of the Doppelganger (this is the joke DLC) during this dlc the faction known as the remnants would have made a simulated version of your character to do some training with but due to the corrupted AI they used it has now gone haywire and now it's up to you to stop it, journey through locations new and old to stop it before it can find a way out of the simulation. Use weapons such as a bubble gun that uses acid bubbles as ammo or a leaf blower shooting flaming toilet paper at the enemy's, and at the end you have a whole simulation to play with

These where some ideas I had in mind, i though it would be cool to have 2 dlcs to take you back to places you've been to, to see how they have changed. Maybe once I'm done with my contract work at the company I'm with I'll see about continuing work on this project and maybe make it similar to Fallout Miami or Fallout 4 new vegas

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