“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

fallout 1 - “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ok. Beta times are not optimal. I understand you feel cheated. You feel lied to, or at least decieved. You paid your hard-earned money because you love the Fallout franchise. It's part of you. I know it is. The passion and zeal are at fever pitch. I want to play again so bad, too! I've sat in awestruck wonder, pondering this game today! I want FO76!

But…walk with me a bit.

This is BETA. It isn't early access. I know. I know. It seems interchangeable, but it isn't. Instead of being upset, angry, and crabby patty-ish, think on a new perspective:


Bethesda, our favorite game company, has invited us into a world they've been meticulously crafting for almost 4 years. They have asked us to come in with all our Wasteland zeal… And actually attempt to BREAK thier very prized creation. They have asked us to hunt down bugs, glitches, and comically ridiculous game farts.

We got to be the first to leave vault 76. What. An. Honor.

We got to push thier servers to the limit and crash them. We got to push every line of code till it thrived…or crashed. We get to flood thier online world with our own unique personalities.

We. Got. There. First.

Every part of Appalachia will always be a place you walked first. The privilege of taking a step to restore civilization started with you.


Some of you will die. A lot. You will be torn asunder by beasts of unimaginable terror. Some of you may choose to never come back. I understand. But don't travel the well-worn path of mediocrity and 'settling' – but blaze the first trails and paths through Wild, Wonderful West Virginia – blaze them boldly!


Because on November 14, 2018, as millions and millions of other vault dwellers venture out for the very first time, the hard work and failure, the patience and frustration, the waiting and the anguish. Even the weird hours and snarky, miffed fans…it'll be worth it.

Bc we will enter back into West Virginia confidently…bc we have already been. We will have paved the way to servers that don't crash…and so that little Timmy won't have to endure the horror of moonwalking feral ghouls, or the douchebag party guy running around in underwear and a vault-tec party hat. Why?

Because you and me. We were there first. We are the trailblazers. We. Are. Xbox.

And we can't wait for the rest of you ps4 and PC players to join us.

We have seen the promised Land and it. Is. Good.


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