Do you ‘member when Fallout was bats*** crazy? I ‘member.

fallout 3 - Do you 'member when Fallout was bats*** crazy? I 'member.

Disclaimer: this will be a simply "opinion post" regarding the storytelling of FO76.

So, I just read the… "news" about the guy who glitched in a Vault by accident, told Bethesda and asked them not to get banned over it. I saw the pictures together with those of Vault 94 (or whatever) and I was shocked. It looked like everybody inside those walls is probably dead. Can you imagine? Arriving somewhere in FO76 and everybody is just dead?

For the people who want to scream "BUT THEY ALWAYS SAID THERE WILL BE NO NPCS!!!!1111!". No, they did not. Also there are already NPCs in the game like Rose, Grahm, the Drill Instructor in the Boot Camp and so on.

Personally Roses Quest line was my favorite in the game, next to MODUSs. However, I run off the track.

When I think of the most fun and memorable quests from Fallout I think of fighting on an Alien Spaceship with a Cowboy, as Samurai and a little girl. Im thinking of the amazing Horror DLC Dead Money and how some deadbeat Rednecks once stole a piece of my brain. Or the other time some weird 50's sci-fi trash movie villain stole a piece of my brain.

About my friendly stealth suit and my toaster who was trying to take over the world. Always remember kids:

A toaster is just a death ray with a smaller power supply.

To give you a insight of what I mean, what I'd wish to see in the future (even without human NPCs!) here are two examples. None of them will include already dead people. Or boring, empty, Vaults full of dead people.

Roses Raider Return:

This is what came first to my mind when I thought about a FO76 DLC. Actually it was the idea for a render trailer featuring Rose snorting Chems through her ventilation ports and then going a killing spree with two combat shotguns as she is spining through the air by the recoil aimlessly as she kills supermutants.

And heres the plot:

Rose finally starts to rebuild her Raider Gang (I mean, she literally is only talking about that and taking drugs). She has met some new friends willing to help her. It will be a culturally diverse gang of gangster clichés by other sentinent bots.

A Mister Handy dressed as a "Gentleman" like Wellington from Fallout 4, he has a british accent and fights with a cane.

A Protectron who acts like an italian gangster (the skin could be similiar to the whitespring butlers) and fights with a Tommy Gun. Of course he would've an italian accent. His sidekick would be a crazy eyebot called "the snitch".


The next one would be a Robobrain. Can't decide if I would design it as a black transgender woman with a deep and sassy voice or as an overweight persian with big golden jewelery and barbwire on its Torso that looks like chesthair.

He could then have a an oil tube in his "mouth" and blow out steam (so it looks like hes smoking a shisha).

But thats not all. You can decide to either help Roses new gang take over Appalachia OR join her new arch enemy.

Mad Dog Malone. The Supermutant who is jailed in the prison near the Dam. To bring in some politics he could be the Martin Luther King of Supermutants. Just trying to break out of the automated prison to reunite the mutants and provide them a save haven.

The conflict could be about an old chemical plant which can either produce vast sums of chems for Rose, or a new medicine for supermutants to help them think clear and get more civilized again. In the beginning Rose would of course be lying about the mutants and how dangerous they are as she just wants to gain control over the facility.

Your choices on the outcome will ofc give you some perks. Like new daily faction quests and events for Roses gang or mutants. New blueprints and decoration depending on your choices, etc.

Man, now that I wrote all of this, I really wish it to happen…

A short DLC build around Grahm:

Long story short – Grahms calls out for you to find the monster that attacked Shelly the Moo-Moo in the middle of the night. The predator turns out to be a semi-sentinent Snallygaster with a "Gollum" like character. In fact, it never wanted to harm Shelly, it is in love with her!

The quest will let you unite the two lovers and as Grahm will be happy that his beloved Shelly finally found the love of her life he will settle down and build a farm, so that the Snallygaster and Shelly can start a family. How romantic.

However, the benefit for the player will be that Grahm will stay in one place from there on so you can visit him anytime.

Okay, so thats it from me. This is the kind of story which I would like to see. Just some crazy and fun stuff, maybe with a serious undertone, but always satirical.

Wow, you've read this all? Thanks for your time!

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