Do you remember when?

fallout 8 - Do you remember when?

It seems that not a day goes by without a handful of players sharing their feelings about how messed up this game is. Each time I think, Kid, if you'd been playing since the Beta you might find it easier instead to think about how many things have improved. As we're approaching a year since the Beta, I started asking myself, Remember when…

You had a 400 pound limit in your Stash?

Each faction had 200 caps and you had to visit each one to sell 1400 total?

Player to Player Trades had a 5k limit?

You had to return to your CAMP to let shoppers view all effects on your 3-star legendary items?

If you joined a server where someone else had built a CAMP where you'd built yours, you'd lose your camp and all the materials used to build it in the first place?

TSE weapons killed pretty much everything in one shot, often including the one pulling the trigger and sometimes any players standing too close?

Evan was already dead when you arrived to kill him?

You pressed X (Xbox) to open your Stash (and sometimes STILL do that today)?

You accidentally sat down when you didn't mean to?

There were no Legendary Hunting Rifles?

A pack of robots lived behind the Whitespring by the service entrance?

Ten Bobby Pins weighed a full pound?

YouTubers posted duplication methods in their videos so anyone could dupe items?

Reloading a Lever Action required loading five cartridges even if you'd only fired one?


If you died while over-encumbered you could only re-spawn at V76?

You couldn't see how much of your CAMP budget was used by stored items?

Firing an Assaultron Head used all your ammo in one shot?

Scrapping All Junk also scrapped your Hardened Mass?

You could recharge a Fusion Core by joining a new server?

Crafting or repairing items consumed materials from your valuable Mods?

'Hotfix' meant a code change applied while servers were running rather than requiring servers to be shut down like, you know, a patch? (Actually this was never part of the F76 experience as far as I remember, a F76 Hotfix has always been a patch to fix the things that got messed up the last time they tried to fix things.)

Feed The People fed ALL THE PEOPLE?

Perhaps some of my fellow players can add some items to the above list. These are just the ones that popped into my head.

And ok, so maybe not all the changes have made the game better or more fun, but overall this game has come a LONG way since launch. There is still lots of room for improvement, but to the people who complain that Bethesda doesn't care about this game or its future, sorry but you're just plain wrong. A lot of hard work has gone into F76 since the Beta and continues to happen. I appreciate that very much.

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