Does anybody think the New Vegas BOS is overrated?

fallout 3 - Does anybody think the New Vegas BOS is overrated?

Most people trash on the House and Legion endings for requiring you to kill the BOS. Am I the only one that is baffled as to why they are so loved?

While they may not deserve death, and they are also certainly nowhere near as flawed as the Boston BOS, they still have their fair share of problems.

First of all, they're homophobic. While I think it's better to be homophobic because of purely logistical reasons rather then just hating homosexuals because they're homosexuals. It's still blatantly homophobic to force Christine and Veronica to separate because their relationship won't bear more future members for the BOS.

Second of all, they're xenophobic. Maybe they don't go "oh all of these outsiders are filthy savages who should all be blown the fuck up on sight" like the Boomers do. But they're DEFINITELY still xenophobic, considering how they are constantly stealing technology from others to "Protect them from themselves", which in my opinion gives off some hardcore pretentious, "Holier then thou" vibes. And either way, forcefully taking shit from people isn't cool.

And in the end, they seem pretty doomed to me, in pretty much 3/4 endings the game offers. Unless the Courier drives the NCR out of the Mojave and helps protect the BOS. They seem pretty screwed. It is true that you can create an alliance between the BOS and the NCR, but I honestly don't see it lasting for too long. The NCR doesn't like not being able to tell people what to do, and the way I see it another war breaking out between them, even after the alliance seems extremely likely.


And really there is not much stopping the NCR from busting open those bunker doors and shitting fury all over the BOS. The only thing stopping them in-game is them not knowing where their bunker is, but it likely wouldn't take them long to find out, especially if they brought technology from back west to help them find it.

While a basic NCR trooper isn't much of a match against a BOS Paladin, what about 20 NCR troopers? Or maybe a few Rangers? Or maybe some Desert Rangers? OR MAYBE they'll bring some big ass guns from back west and use that to quickly wipe them all out. The NCR we see in-game is only a fraction of the true military power the NCR has to offer.

So what's up with all of the love? Besides the cool toys they offer to the player.

Edit: One more thing, I don't think House or the Legion should be hated so much for wanting the BOS wiped out. Really it's nothing personal. It's somewhat likely the Legion would start getting targeted by the BOS after they move in shop and take over the Mojave. And the BOS would DEFINITELY be a threat to House, as he hoards a lot of technology, which the BOS hates, as we know. And if they wanted to strike against House they definitely have the armaments to take out a large portion of the Securitron army. Maybe not enough to destroy ALL OF IT, but certainly enough to destroy a large portion.

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