Does anyone else feel disheartened with the state of the game?

fallout 5 - Does anyone else feel disheartened with the state of the game?

I know that the game has come a very long way and has definitely improved a lot, but does anyone else find themselves feeling a bit exasperated with the bugginess of the game?

Even with this last patch I've seen a number of bugs that I though were ironed out come back. I'm talking about Action Points draining when I am standing still, the bug where aiming with gatling weapons doesn't work, T posing enemies returning. But I've also run into a new bug where chambering a new round in the hunting rifle gets interrupted when I zoom out (I'm assuming this is because of the new combat update). I've had server disconnects each day for the last 5 days and just today I disconnected right when a nuke dropped (only just heard about the insta-kill nuke zone, what the hell is that??!).

I know that this topic has already been talked about a lot and many people, myself included, have realised that the issues don't stop the game from being a lot of fun. It's just that as time goes by and more updates and content get added, It hurts to see so many bugs get ignored, added or re-added. The two step forward, one step back approach really is appalling. I know for certain that I could list about a hundred bugs in this game, and even still I come across new ones almost daily on this subreddit.


Another big issue seems to be Bethesda's priorities. I'm not sure of their thought process when tackling bugs and I know that they have far more information and knowledge of the issues than I do, but their fixes seem almost random at times. Like major weapon breaking bugs that have been around since the beta don't get addressed. Also sometimes in the patch notes they say that they've fixed something but they clearly haven't.

I have been playing since the beta and currently sitting around 300 hrs played, and every time I sit down to play I know I'm going to be seeing a lot of bugs and will probably have one or two server crashes. I was hoping that in between Wild Appalachia and Nuclear Winter they would have dedicated some time to major bug fixes and I honestly would have preferred that to Battle Royale. Really I wouldn't mind if they focused on fixing the game in the next few months rather than adding new content, but I understand that might just be me.

I didn't really write this up to bash on Bethesda, but to see if other players feel the same way as me. Do you guys ever find yourself looking at the many bugs in the game and wondering if they are ever going to get fixed? And what do you think about Bethesda's approach to bugs and prioritising them?

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