Don’t be a Douchebag to someone trying to help you out.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Don't be a Douchebag to someone trying to help you out.

So today while sorting through my stash box I noticed I was close to the limit. After thinking about it briefly I decide that I would be nice and help out some new players by giving them my excess ammo and aid items. After searching the map I saw a group of them mulling around Whitesprings between lvl 10-20. I though perfect and fast travel to the location. Upon arriving I tried to initiate dialogue with them explaining I had some stuff I would like to give them. Without hesitation they immediately open fire on me. At this point I'm like "Well fu*k you guys then" and started to head to the main build to see what they had for trade with the vendors.


Instead of leaving me alone they decide to continue to follow me plinking away at my health with their weapons. So at this point I decide I've had enough so instead of me engaging them I lured them into the main court yard and made them "accidentally" shoot a sentry bot. Needless to say all of the robots immediately become hostile towards them and start ripping them to shreds. They keep respawning and at this point they turned on their mics to give me a few choice words about being a "fu*king douchebag" all while they are constantly getting killed. Eventually they must have figured out that it's smarter for them to just leave this area then to continue this what is now a pointless fight.

After they gave up I continued on my way and eventually found someone who appreciated the supplies I was giving them.

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