Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the (respawn) time: the story of a whiny thief

fallout 8 - Don't do the crime if you can't do the (respawn) time: the story of a whiny thief

TLDR: Lvl 45, who should've known better, picks locks at the claimed ammo factory, then gets pissy when I frag him defending my turf

At over 100 hours played, yesterday was the first time not one, but both of my claimed workshops were either raided or challenged. As I haven't encountered a nuke launch in weeks, clearly people are starting to find new forms of entertainment. I've also tired of grinding White Springs and was eager for some action. My PVP experiences have been very limited to date, and being honest, quite embarrassing as well. Like the one time I forgot to turn off pacifist; or another time when I moved, ruining chameleon and being lit up with a TSE. Not exactly ringing endorsements of my PVP skills.

Back to the workshops. I had claimed the munitions factory and was running other quests while I waited for the ammo to be produced. Through sheer luck I scrolled the map to the upper right corner and noticed a level 45 player with a 40 cap bounty at the factory; this guys clearly knew better and was out for my ammo. Not only did he lockpick multiple doors, as I discovered later, he had destroyed the pylon carrying electricity to the ammo machine because he couldn't pick the level 3 lock. Dick move, brah. So I fast travel to the factory to defend it and don't see him anywhere inside. I go out the side entrance and hop on the roof hoping for a better vantage. I don't see him but shortly I hear the unmistakable sound of a mine being armed. You're going to booby trap my factory? Dick move, brah. Run into my power armor w/ a pulse mine like a suicide bomber? Even dicker move, brah.

The mine arming gave his position away and as I was on level lower than him on the roof, he had no idea where I was. Sorry, Anakin, having the higher ground won’t help you. So I do my best bionic man impression and do a running leap up to the next level. Thanks to the marsupial mutation I launch into the air and hang at the apex for what seems like forever. I use the time to get a bead on him and unleash the fury of my exploding shotgun. Had the tables been reversed, with me seeing a player come out of nowhere and blast me with explosives, I think I’d have shit myself. The one thing he had going for him was an auto-stim and…me having to reload. Ugh, yet again I fuck up PVP. So now I have to go chase him across the roof, (yelling "Don't run! Don't run!" in my head) to get my bounty. Frag the guy, and as his lifeless body is falling off the roof, he keys the mic and calls me a douche bag. The what now? You break into my place and I'm the bad guy? For that, I'm going to take all of the plastic, lead and steel you dropped so I can replenish the shotgun ammo I wasted on your sorry ass.

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As it turns out, that was only part one of this joyful cat. As I'm rummaging through his dropped bag, I get a notification that my other workshop was being contested. I fast travel to the workshop, saw the competing player at the bench, and engaged. It was the first time I was shot with a tesla rifle and I'm impressed by how much damage they do even to X-01 power armor. Not as much as my shotgun though 🙂 Dispatched the intruder, he sought vengeance, but a second win for me ended the contest. Hazzah. A well played PVP encounter on both fronts.

I travel back to the munitions factory to assess what the original asshat had done and see purplish smoke pouring out of the roof from multiple location. Turns out he had repaired the vertibird pad, got the smoke signal grenades and then tried to use them against the factory. Erm, nice try but that's not how this works. I go inside the factory and my (useless) turrets are lighting this guy up but doing virtually no damage. I pop a couple of shotgun blasts into him but he doesn't reciprocate. Great. I now have an (essentially) unkillable interloper who proceeds to just hang out like nothing is out of the ordinary; like that awkward person at the party that was only invited out of guilt. After what seemed like an eternity, he realizes I’m not leaving while he’s there and finally goes to annoy someone else.

Overall, a much more interesting day than just another grind at the golf course.

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