Don’t trust anyone; over an hour of delightful player interaction

fallout 4 - Don't trust anyone; over an hour of delightful player interaction

I'm a big fan of the munitions factory. It is my favorite workshop, without a doubt. I don't have many problems with most resources: fusion cores? I have dozens. Lead, gears, screws… fairly easy. But running a Guerrilla build means that I chew through ammo like they paid me for it. So that's why I always claim this magnificent workshop.

So there I am, chilling in my factory; everything is secure, everything is going fine. I get one of those events to defend it, and I do so without trouble. Just at the end of the event, a level ~105 guy comes around. I assumed he just wanted to help me defend the place, seeing that I was like 60 levels below him. We wave at each other, and he just walks around – looting the toolboxes, I thought. I'm not very suspicious about him, so I just sit in my cooking station and mind my business; but as soon as I do that, I get a notification: "your workshop is being attacked" (something like that). I'm literally two meters away from it. I jump out of the cooking station, but just as the animation ends, I'm greeted by a barrage of explosive bullets in my face.

Suffice to say, I didn't even have time to blink. This is how PvP works with the higher levels, after all, so I'm not surprised. I respawn nearby (without seeking revenge) and I walk back inside. This guy has looted the few junk I had on me, of course. I don't care that much anyway. He has a mic on, so when he sees me again he starts laughing and teabagging. Honestly, that isn't the thing that bothered me either.

But one thing is certain: if he thought he could simply take that workshop from me, taking advantage of a clearly unbalanced PvP system and his 60 levels above me, he was wrong.

You know, I could have walked away. I could have cut my losses, and find somewhere else to get my ammo. But I didn't. Now, don't expect some spectacular comeback in which I kill this guy over and over and he just gives up. This is not that story.

If you don't know it, at this particular workshop there's a terminal from which you can select the ammo you want to produce. The thing is, anyone can use this terminal, even if they don't own the workshop (Bethesda pls fix, btw); so you can imagine what I decided to do next. He could have the workshop, but I was going to make sure he didn't get the ammo he wanted. I assumed he wasn't there for the .38 ammo, of course, so I kept accessing the terminal and changing it to produce .38. At first he just kept laughing, jumping around and all. But when he went to collect, he realized what I was doing.

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And this is how a long hour (even more than that, I think) of changing the ammo back and forth started. He tried absolutely everything. He tried to kill me, but of course I could heal faster than he did damage. He tried to block the terminal with concrete barriers, but I always managed to find that little spot from which I could access the terminal. He filled the place with these barriers all over the place, trying to trap me inside them, while at the same time keeping me outside from the terminal. I just kept jumping, crouching, finding little places to sneak out of his imprisonment. Of course, he couldn't win. While he tried to do this, at the same time he had to change the terminal. But I made sure to stay close to it, so if he blocked it for me, he couldn't be able to access it either.


I think that after almost an hour, he assumed he finally beat me. He managed to trap me on one side of the terminal from which I couldn't touch it, and he opened a path from the other and changed it… and then closed that path again in case I escaped from where I was. He talked on his mic: "hah! Beat you. Sorry! Hahaha!"

He missed one thing, though. I've defended this place quite a few times, and I know the places the creatures like to attack first. So after a couple of minutes, an event to defend the place popped up; and I knew what would happen: the level 50 mongrels started chewing on the barriers, just at the same time when I found a way to sneak out from my concrete prison (it took a lot of jumping and crouching and spinning around, but I finally did it). I escaped just in time to see the barriers from the other side crumble, and I changed the terminal once again to .38. The other guy was busy killing dogs, so I jumped back inside where he had trapped me, and I made him think that I couldn't get out. He saw me there and didn't even bother to check the terminal. After a good while, he came to collect… and he was pissed. Seeing that he couldn't keep me out, he decided to use his barriers to keep me pinned and kill me with slap damage. I guess he was wasting a lot of ammo because he stopped. He changed the terminal once again.

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Now, I this time I had to fast travel away to get out. When I came back, I discovered that every door was locked, and every entry barricaded. Well, almost every entry. Like I said, I'm a big fan of this workshop. I know every corner of it as if I had built it myself. So I know there's a little hole on the roof that leads right inside the building. This guy had gone to his CAMP, thinking he had finally gotten rid of me. Yes, I changed the ammo again. Before entering back I moved my CAMP near the workshop, so since I couldn't get out, I simply FT there.

After a while, when he came back, he discovered that all there was to collect was .38 ammunition. And he logged out of the server.

This was very long, and I'm not sure if anyone will read it. But the point is: don't let other people take stuff from you simply because they are dozens of levels above you. If there's a way you can make then think it twice next time, do it.

Also, if the PvP was even a bit balanced, I would have simply tried to fight back, and in case of losing, I would give up – to the victors go the spoils. But as it is now, we both knew I didn't stand a chance.

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