Dr. Clef build in Fallout 4/SCP Foundation

fallout 7 - Dr. Clef build in Fallout 4/SCP Foundation

I'm a really big Lovecraftian/Cosmic Horror fan so I found myself loving both the Fallout Universe and the SCP Universe and wanted to merge the two. Or maybe a mod of the SCP Universe in Fallout one day.

P.S: I'm on PS4 so I'm very limited with mods and the only DLC I have is Far Harbor and Automatron.

Gameplay: Starting out, use whatever to survive until you find a shotgun, Clef's trademark weapon. He eventually becomes a scientist, so level up hacking and weapon/armor building and crafting.

When joining the Brotherhood of Steel, use their power armor and laser weapons, but preferably use scattershot laser rifles. Closest thing to shotgun lasers.

Starting out in the Institute find a hooded cleanroom suit or just a cleanroom suit and a scattershot Institute rifle with synth armor. End the game on the side of the Institute.

Endgame, wear a battered fedora(closest thing to a bucket hat unless you have the Far Harbor dlc), Father's Lab Coat and use a double barrel shotgun.

Stats: -Dr. Clef is a chronic liar, so Charisma should be 10 at the start. Then I'd say spec some in Endurance for less radiation damage(no affects to "reality bending"), about 2 in Perception and spend skill points Luck and later on Intelligence, he does become a Foundation scientist after all.

-Clef is said to be anomalous himself so you want to be affected by radiation as little as possible.

-Also you need the "Rifleman" perc to do the most damage with your shotgun.


-Luck is important as well, as it plays into embodying being anomalous.

Story: In the SCP lore, clef has relations with a "goddess" and births a teenage succubus from her. He was forced to kill his lover by the Global Occult Coalition but later joins the SCP Foundation to keep his daughter safe, alive and close to her.

Since in Fallout you only have a son, you can play off of that in the alternate universe.

It is also important to note Clef is described to be possibly a reality bender, a reality anchor, Adam from the Book of Genesis or even Satan, the devil of the Christian religion. He is not an ordinary fellow, so try to stay morally grey.

As Clef you skip Sanctuary and Concord coming out the Vault.

You follow the Military Frequency and do the Brotherhood of Steel quests.

Then continue to Diamond City to find your son.

After killing Kellog, join the Brotherhood of Steel, they are the closest thing to the Global Occult Coalition, being very high tech and hostile to anything non human. (Fits pretty well right? Lol)

Later in game, defect to the Institute

They are the closest thing to the SCP Foundation in game. It can be argued they're possibly more like Are We Cool Yet, MAKING entities(synths) or being Anderson Robotics, but they're an expiremental laboratory, so just say they are the foundation.

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