Easy quick start Survival Mode

fallout 8 - Easy quick start Survival Mode

I figured out an easy start to Survival mode – at level 1 or 2 you can get a T-60 PA, and the overseers guardian rifle. Makes the early game pretty easy. Here's how:

Overall plan is to first get the overseers rifle. We need to raise caps and CHR to do so. Plan is to find CHR clothing, daytripper + make one grape mentats, and find lots of valuable things to trade for it at vault 81. Once we have the gun, lets try to get the atom cats T60 armor. Rough guide below.

Starting at sanctuary, loot everything here, including the 3 gold bars in the cellar, and a mentats, also loot the ammo bags on the roof and near the minuteman statue across the bridge. Start looking out for hubflowers along the way from here on out. Move east towards the robotics ground, stopping by to deactivate a power generator near the lake and grabbing the caps stash, might find a +1 CHR glasses here too. At the robotics ground, make the bot self destruct, loot it, and loot the Fatman and mini nuke. Head a little further east to get the T45 PA, this helps with carry weight. Go back to Sanctuary to store the Fatman and nuke, we'll need it later to get the T60 armor.

Now move towards vault 81, stopping by Abernathy's farm along the way, theres a shack that has whiskey (component for grape mentats). Keep looking out for 2x hubflowers, also needed for grape mentats.

Just north of vault 81 theres a shack with a chem station and daytrippers. Loot everything here and make a grape mentat with mentat+whiskey+2 hub flowers.


Go to vault 81, dress up in +CHR clothes and glasses. Consume 1 daytripper and 1 grape mentats. You should pass the check to get in. Once inside rush to the vendor to buy the overseers guardian rifle. Make sure you don't take too much time bartering your buffs would wear out. Sell all your ammo except .45, sell the 3 gold bars and any junk and aid that's valuable. You should have enough to trade for the rifle.

With rifle in hand, go back to sanctuary. Build a bed as close as you can to the path to vault 111. Grab your fatman and nuke. Sleep and save.

Here we're going to reload from this save point a lot, took me around 20 reloads to get the encounter to get the atom cats T60 armor. Bascially we want to run up the hill to through vault 111, keep moving NW along the path until you hit the power lines. Under the power lines there'll be a random encounter. Keep reloading and coming back here until you find Duke. He'll be in T60 atom cats armor. Sneak behind him and launch the nuke, then switch to your overseers rifle and finish him off. Loot his T60 armor.

Congrats, you now have an atom cats T60 armor and an overseers guardian rifle. You're probably only level 1 or 2 at this point.

Let me know your thoughts, hope this helps you out trying out survival mode!

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