Enable the lower weapon animation in first-person

fallout 7 - Enable the lower weapon animation in first-person

Currently in third-person, your character will lower their equipped weapon after a few seconds as if not currently in use. In first-person however, the weapon is always up and aiming. The animation is in the game as evidenced by walking up too close to any object, letting you know you cannot aim. You can even sometimes bug into this pose in first-person when switching from third-person, thus I can only assume it's already in the game as such.

I've picked this game up recently and it has been one of the only games in a long time to really grab my attention for more than an hour or two. A lot of that is thanks to the immersion of the game. It's not the most immersive in terms of what I'll simply refer to as "AAA polish", but I generally feel like I'm an actual person in the game world that so few other games are able to accomplish. Nearly every ES and Fallout game has despite the general consensus being that the most recent installments lack said "AAA polish" in certain facets.

I know that this is such a small detail, but it would honestly make role-playing that much more immersive to me if I don't have to completely holster my weapon to not feel like a paranoid, trigger-happy weirdo with the blood lust second to not even that of a feral ghoul. I mean….I am that, but not all the time.


EDIT: I do have a few other suggestions as well that may have been brought up before, but while I'm at it, what the heck:

  • If our character is in third-person view, the non-pip-boy perspective for the character menu is enabled, and the active inventory tab is apparel, it would be awesome if the camera moved to have our character to the right of the menu instead of directly behind it, so we can have a clear view of the item on our character instead of needing to close and open the pip-boy over and over. We can also maybe move the camera around in the same way we move our character's arm in the first-person pip-boy perspective.

  • Allow moving the camera during forced third-person animations, like laying down or sitting

  • Let me interrupt weapon animations to switch weapons. I've noticed that I need to wait for a reload animation to finish before I can switch weapons. This might be intentional, but it seems less likely for my character to finish reloading a weapon while getting shot at instead of switching. They would just restart reloading the weapon later if I was interrupted by switching.

  • When a weapon breaks, show a quick animation of the character holding the weapon up to look at it and then playing the sound. Since I swap back and forth between my two weapons a lot, I'll sometimes be left wondering why one suddenly switched to another on my wheel. I should know by now that it's probably because it broke, but I still always wonder if maybe I dropped it somehow.

  • Finally this may be a problem with just a controller on PC, but aiming/ADS is finicky in that sometimes it won't recognize that I'm holding down the aim trigger if I started holding it during a weapon animation. I guess this is more of a bug than a suggestion though, so I'll also send it in as a bug report.

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