Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel, one and the same?

fallout 8 - Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel, one and the same?

Hello fellers,

I wanted to share with you a thought that came to me some days ago, see what you think of it.

So basically, I'm re-playing Fallout 4 and I'm at that point where you need to choose between siding with the Institute or the BoS. I'm sure that everyone of you that played Fallout 3, and saw what the Brotherhood from the Citadel stood for, can agree on the fact that Elder Lyons' BoS was way different from Elder Maxson's one. On one hand the first really tried to make a difference and save people from Super Mutants and other Wasteland menaces alike, meanwhile the latter returned to the usual "Technology Horder" mindset that Mr. House so clearly depicted in Fallout New Vegas, when talking about the BoS' Mojave chapter. Needless to say I much preferred Elder Lyons but that's not the point. My point is, do you remember the discussion we had with President Eden in Raven Rock? He basically tried to convince us that all living beings with even a tiny bit of radiation within them (the concept applied to monsters such as Deathclaws as much as to common Wasteland people like the ones in Rivet City and so on) should've been eliminated so that the "pure" strain such as Enclave doctors with Pre-War lineage could then repopulate the Earth. Now we all know he was nuts but if you think about it, that's not too far from what the newly "reformed" Brotherhood of Steel wants, is it? With the exception of Humans, don't you think the hate the BoS has for everything non-Human is very similar to what the Enclave had for pretty much everything non-Enclave? And I'm not just talking about synths (Paladin Danse being the most notorious example) but I'm talking about the other sentient beings around. Think about Strong, the super mutant companion, or of Hanco*k and pretty much the rest of the non-feral Ghouls in or out of Goodneighbor. Don't you think that the hate and the methods Elder Maxson uses are just the same as the ones President John Eden used? The first playthrough I had, I went with the BoS ending. I was going to do it again but then I thought of this and a new perspective opened up in front of me. I'd like to hear what your opinions are guys and gals.


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