Enclave Reformists?

fallout 8 - Enclave Reformists?

After looking through things enough times, I realized a rift was forming in the Enclave in Fallout 3: You had Eden's faction, willing to use FEV to kill all irradiateds, including wastelander humans, and then the "Reformists" (as I'm calling them), who wanted to return to the ideas before Eden and Richardson, when the goal was not to kill, but to cure. To turn the wastelander humans, ghouls and super mutants into non-irradiated humans, like the Enclave are. Col. Autumn seems to share their views at least on wastelander humans, but the Enclave shattered at the end of Fallout 3, well before the Reformists could try an insurrection through Autumn or anything similar. I think it's possible that if the Reformists become the ones to reassemble the Enclave, thus controlling it, we could at one point see the Enclave become good guys, so long as ones like Eden and Richardson don't lead a coup against them.What do you guys think? Could such a thing work, or would it be doomed to fail, even if the Reformists managed to be the ones to restore the Enclave? And if it was viable, do you think it'd make a good plot point in a future installment of Fallout if they ever make good Fallout games again?


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