End game grind guide for newer players

fallout 4 - End game grind guide for newer players

This guide is for those who have completed the story driven content and are entering into the grindy world of end game. I found that when starting end game, and with limited time to play, I just about had to time to do the daily stuff and no time to actually play the game how I wanted. But over time I found a rhythm which minimised grind time and gave me time to do what I wanted in Appalachia.

This isn’t an exact science due to rng of spawns etc and I’m sure other more devoted players have some tips to improve on this (tell me if you do!). But here goes…

Prep Go and take some nice pictures as you’ll be seeing loading screens ALOT. Perks that will help: Perception. 3/3 Butchers Bounty. Green Thumb. 2/3 of the lock pick perks. Charisma. Travel Agent. Plant 3 or 5 each of Corn, Carrots and Tatos at your CAMP. If you have Green Thumb you need only plant 3 of each. Try and locate your CAMP as far from Vault 76 as possible to minimise fast travel costs. If you have Fallout First try and create a triangle of free fast travel points around the map. For example my CAMP is down by Big Bend Tunnel East and my tent sits outside Dolly Sods Cabin.

Useful information: Each region spawns Daily Quests when you first enter it. They seem to reset every 22 hours from last starting them. Vendor, Scrip Machines and Bullion machines reset currency 22 hours from the time you first brought/sold something the previous day. The god awful Ally quests are on a 24 hour reset and are a pain to get to start at the same time every day. Try and go around the map in a clockwise or anti clockwise route, this’ll minimise backtracking and less caps on fast travel.

The routine: Cranberry Bog. I try and log on at the same time every day to ensure all vendors etc have currencies reset. With this in mind the first thing I do is head to the Cranberry Bog Train Station. Here I sell legendaries for Scrip and sell the previous day’s stuff I accumulated for the caps. Whilst here, one of two dailies start. Either Cop a Squatter or Heart of the Enemy. If it’s Cop a Squatter I go and do it straight away since the enemies you need to kill are always in Cranberry Bog somewhere. If it’s Heart of the Enemy I always find that Trick or Treat in Savage Divide will start too so I wait to kill a Scorchedbeast until I get up to that daily.

Savage Divide. Go to Foundation, talk to Ward and laugh at whatever furniture he’s clipped into that day. This will start Vital Equipment. Whilst here go and sell treasury notes. With this guide I get to a point where I have 20 in my inventory at the start of the day (explained later on). If the Vital Equipment is close to Foundation I go get it and return it to Ward before moving on otherwise I wait until I’m passing the location on my clockwise route around the map. When entering Savage Divide either Trick or Treat or Someone To Talk Too will start. Don’t go to them just yet.

Ash Heap. Head over to Camden park and do whichever of the three daily quests start that day. Dross Toss, Chow Line or Lucky Mucker. Note you need to complete Mistaken Identity for these to become available. If you’re heavy on Scrip now is a good time to visit the Rusty Pick and do some shopping.

The Forest. Straight to the Overseers House to start Photo Opportunity. You’re likely building rep with Raiders and or Settlers at this point so pick the opposite location to the one you want rep for (Ie Crater for Settler rep and vice versa). I’m maxed on rep so always pick Crater as I’m heading that way on my route. Whilst here Ecological Balance or Strange Brew might start. Sometimes neither do if Heart of the Enemy is active but don’t worry about it. Both Ecological Balance and Strange brew are contained within the Forest so go do them now.

Savage Divide pt2. If Someone to Talk too is active head over to start location now. Here’s where the RNG starts. Try and build the animals into the route your taking, sometimes it ain’t possible so you will have to back track a bit.


Toxic Vally. Head to Kiddies Cabin to start and complete Repeatable Operation Tidy. It gives Possum Tokens on occasion. Whilst here either one of Thrill of the Grill, Pass the Buck, Buried with Honor ,Target Rich Environment or Big Game Hunter will Start. All apart from Thrill of the Grill can be done within Toxic Valley so go do them. If it’s Thrill of the Grill I have a route to get all the bits (see below). Next head to Crater to start either Retirement Plan or Importance of Communication. More RNG with these two. As with Someone to Talk Too try and build it into your route. If you have pictures to take at Crater for Photo Opportunity go take them.

Thrill of the Grill route. Ugh I hate this one. Head back to CAMP. Green Thumb on, pick your carrots, corn and tatos. You need 5 of each. Travel to Thunder Mountain Substation TM02 in Cranberry Bog. Equip Butchers Bounty and kill the death claw. If he only drops one meat then don’t panic, see below. Next head to Dolly Sods Cabin in the Mire there’s a Yao Gui outside and another around the back, kill em both, should have 4 meat from them. Next head to the Phillipi Battlefield Cementary in Toxic Valley there’s a Yao Gui in the car park. You should have 5 meat now. Now for the bloody radstags, more RNG here but I find if I walk from Crater towards Hemlock Holes I bump into enough radstags to get the 5 meat. Only got 1 death claw meat? Now go to death claw island. Short on Yao Gui meat? If you start Thrill of the Grill it’ll spawn a few Yao Gui in Toxic Valley but I find they kill radstags so I avoid triggering the mission unless necessary. Go hand it all in.

Savage Divide pt3. If you have to do Trick or Treat now is the time to do it. As I said earlier it always pairs with Heart of the Enemy so head to where it wants you to pick pumpkins and look what’s there too. A Scorchedbeast! Pick pumpkins and collect Scorchedbeast DNA.

The Mire Head to Dolly Sods Cabin for Repeatable Stings and Things and to trigger one of Idle Explosives, Waste Not, Play Time or Queen of the Hunt. Stings and Things give Possum Tokens on occasion. There’s a radroach in the closet (lockpick 2/3 needed) at Dolly Sods and three Ticks out the back. Sometimes bloatflies or Bloodbugs spawn in the cabin too. If you have to go get bits like stingwing barbs then head to suggested locations as they’re usually near locations required for the other dailies in this region. Note when getting bloatfly glands from the suggested location there’s a couple of Honeybeasts which drop honey. Useful for Strange brew quest so try and keep 10 on you at all times. The other dailies are all within the Mire so go and complete as needed.

Mop up. By now you should just have to hand in quests from your route or mop up things like Thrill of the Grill or Someone to Talk too. At this point I tend to head back to CAMP to scrap rewards and drop off stuff. I then speak to my ally and start their quest. Then do another (quicker) clockwise route around the map to hand in quests and do the ally quest. As I say the ally quest is a ball ache to get the timing right so slot this in where you can.

This all takes me between 1-2 hours a day depending on RNG. I have an OG PS4 and the loading times are long so this may be a lot quicker on other consoles or PC.

Afterwards If I have time I do Public events to get 11 treasury notes. Added to the 9 you get from the dailies you will have 20 to hand in straight away the next day. Also on a Monday I go see Smiley to buy 300 bullion.

Lastly I never do the Biv brewing repeatable quest. It takes too long to gather ingredients and ferment the brew. But if you got time you can go do that too!

Any improvements or tips on this would be welcome, otherwise I hope someone finds it useful.

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