Endangerol Syringer, test round 2

fallout 2 - Endangerol Syringer, test round 2

I posted a while ago, with results after testing Endangerol Syringer.
Conclusion was that it is bugged, and does nothing.

Last night there was a thread on here, with conflicting reports. So I went to dig out my data … and guess who's been cleaning up too well. Oh well, back to testing.

Test 1
Use the ShowHealth mod to track damage per shot. Shoot mob before and after applying Endangerol. Change no other modifiers.
I used a perk page with no conditional modifiers (like Tenderizer and Adrenaline). Kept same distance to mob (crippled legs on most). No armor pen in perk page.

Weapons used:
* Pibe Revolver Rifle (no armor pen).
* Anti-armor Pibe Bolt action.
* The Fixxer (with superior armor pen mag).

Target 1
Super Mutant Behemoth. 160 DR.

WeaponDmg %debuffDmg +debuff

Target 2
Level 91 Deathclaw. 300 DR.
All shorts at the torso, which I believe is the weak spot on Deathclaws.

WeaponDmg %debuffDmg +debuff

Target 3
Level 50 Watoga Robot. 125 DR.

WeaponDmg %debuffDmg +debuff

Test 2
I've noticed nothing that suggests the mod should be inaccurate, but just in case:
Count # of shots to kill target without debuff. Count # of shots to kill target with debuff.
This was also done vs Watoga robots.

WeaponShots %debuffShots +debuff

And some math here. The barrel is meant to reduce damage resistance by 25%. 25% armor pen equals a damage increase of 11,08% (tested with the formula in a spreadsheet, see this thread for reference https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/aedxlm/hard_numbers_on_armor_piercing_qualities_data_for/).

The test without debuff with the Fixxer required 27 shots to kill the target. That means that each shot did roughly 100 / 27 = 3,7% of the target's hp in damage. An 11% increase should lead to 3,7×1,11 = 4,1% of the target's hp being lost per hit. 100% / 4,1% = 24,39. So shots to kill should have been reduced to 25, which wasn't the case.

Test 3
Next … what if it works in teams/for team members?
I tried pulling in my mule (who unfortunately is only level 5 and capable of carrying a Brotherhood Recon Rifle), then repeated test #1 with him.
41 damage without, 41 damage with debuff.

I used to haul Endangerol Syringer with me everywhere, thinking it was a great debuff vs large mobs. My own anecdotal evidence was, that it seemed stuff was going down faster. Turns out I was wrong. Endangerol does not increase damage per shot, not does it reduce number of shots to kill a target.

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