Endgame character building: Super Mutant / Ghoul

fallout 8 - Endgame character building: Super Mutant / Ghoul


For a long term character building it should be possible to quests towards becoming a Super-Mutant or Ghoul. Both should involve multiple quests that needs to be done over several weeks, to make sure no one is "transformed" by mistake. This should not be an easy change, nor simple.
New Quest: "FEV for dummies"
– (Weekly) The quest first involves collecting FEV samples from multiple types of Super-mutants, including getting a sample taken freely from Grahm (for retaining non-aggressive genes).

– (Weekly) Secondly, environmental samples needs to be taken in and around Huntersville, mostly soil, water and some air samples.

– (Weekly) Lastly a secret basement of West-Tek that still holds functioning equipment needs to be accessed and fought through to reach a chamber where the results can be analyzed and gene-therapy applied.

This needs to be done three weeks in a row for the gene-therapy to take effect.

Super-mutant changes:

+ Carry capacity increases (super strength)

+ Max hit points increased (super size)

+ Bonus melee damage (super strength)

+ Takes less radioactive damage

+ Strength and Stamina now caps at 20

– Intelligence and Charisma now caps at 5, agility at 10

– Can only use wood, raider, metal and trapper armor. No power armor (too large size).

– Decreased ranged weapon accuracy (big, clumsy hands)

– Cannot get random mutations (FEV is a stable mutation, genes will not change further)

– All stims and chems have decreased effect due to different metabolism.

– Can't use most apparel.


New Quest: "Paranormal Radioactivity"

– (Weekly) A science robot at Robco sends the character to investigate the theory that the Feral Ghoul existence state seems to be having multiple beneficial effects. The character needs to "sample" Ghouls, either with a special Syringer or by killing them.

– (Weekly) Second quest needs the character to fetch results from several of the hospitals and science labs around appalachia.

– (Weekly) Third quests involves getting heavily radiated and then having the Science Bot try to apply the Ghoul benefits unto you without turning you feral.

This needs to be done three weeks in a row, at that point the science will "fail" and the character turns into a Ghoul, albeit a non-feral one.

Ghoul changes:

+ Ghouls are immune to radioactivity damage, diseases and poison. Ghouls don't drown or take damage from starvation or dehydration, but still suffer all other negative effects from hunger/thirst.

+ Ghouls heal Hitpoints in radioactivity, high rads means more healing.

+ Ghouls use less AP when sprinting, giving them great endurance.

+ Ghouls don't get aggroed by NPC Ghouls.

– Ghouls don't heal/regenerate naturally, not even from legendary effects. Stims have reduced effects.

– All chems and food bonuses are reduced.

– Robot vendors no longer recognize you as human and won't trade with you, Grahm still will, and perhaps certain Ghouls will too.

– Ghouls cannot have mutations

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