Endgame feels like fast-travel simulator.

fallout 2 - Endgame feels like fast-travel simulator.


Do you know why I love BGS games? For the magnificent, beautiful and big worlds that are interesting and motivating to explore. I believe this is the blood and flesh of the TES and FO series from BGS.


And I got a lot of fun in the process of exploring the world of FO76, but at one point I fell into a trap. After reaching the 50-70 level at the player, any motivation in the world exploration disappears altogether.

As a result, players are “locked up” in two regions of the map, where high-level enemies spawn. The remaining 70% of the world just do not need, there is nothing to do! I just come to the Forest and kill all living things with only my eyes. It is too easy and boring and I didn't get useful LOOT from this poor little mobs.

But this is still half the trouble. Over time, it comes to understand that even those 30% of the world are not needed, because there are places like Whitespring, West Tek, and so on. That is, the question arises: "Why should I travel around the world when all the most necessary things are in specific locations?" And it is very sad. Sometimes I enter the game and wander aimlessly around the world, but I am very saddened by the fact that I will NEVER find anything new, useful and important in these wanderings. No cool loot. As a result, the game turns into Fast-travel Simulator, where I just teleport from event to event, from one farming-location to another farming-location.


I think this can be fixed with several changes in the gameplay:

  1. Change mobs Leveling System. Do something similar to ESO, where every player fights with mobs of his level, with the exception of bosses. OR add a separate mode in which ALL mobs in the whole world will be level 50-90, but not lower. And the loot should also be level 45-50. So we will solve the first problem: the lack of motivation to play in all regions of the game world.
  2. Add powerful mini-bosses to the game world, make their spawn places absolutely random, not even associated to marked locations. Lets them spawn even in empty fields. For killing these mini-bosses, the player must be guaranteed to receive a legendary item, or rare schemes or valuable junk or unique clothes. Thus, we will solve the second problem: the lack of motivation to explore the world after it has been explored (sorry for the pun). In a similar way, the wandering merchant Grahm is working now, which is not displayed on the map and can only be found if you travel in an open world. Players will have the opportunity to HUNT for valuable loot, and not just FARM it in a golf club from defenseless ghouls.

I understand perfectly well that many people are satisfied with the current state of affairs. For many players, the most desirable is dungeons and raids, but do not forget about those players for whom the open world is more important than dungeons.

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