Enough is enough, Bethesda. Time to cut your losses and completely remake the Perk Coin system. They are broken at its core.

fallout 2 - Enough is enough, Bethesda. Time to cut your losses and completely remake the Perk Coin system. They are broken at its core.

Perk Coins are so flawed I don't even know how they're still in the state they are after numerous COMPLETE and UTTER failures. There is not ONE SINGLE THING they do right.

  • They punish anyone who's opened perk cards up to this point as duplicate cards that have only one rank are just lost. Are you one of the most loyal Fallout 76 fans? Then you get fucked the most.

  • The amount of levels needed to level up these cards are so astronomical I'm not even looking forward to the final rank. I've just resigned myself to having the first rank of the perks and they're not really "legendary" at that point

  • The system itself is flawed at its very core. Even if it didn't take hundreds of levels to rank up one it still demands that you scrap all the perk cards you can and incentives never changing your SPECIAL. Remember what was the main point of perk cards? So that you could do this and change your build whenever you wanted?. Well now any time you want to get creative you are pushing yourself even further away from a nigh-unreachable goal.

Bethesda this isn't exciting. Maybe you're trying to maximize your "player-engagement" by make a nearly-infinite journey but that's not going to work. Compromise is essential and whatever this is supposed to be is asking too much.

So how do you fix it? How do you make a system that keeps people coming back and actually excited to earn these? Well I'll tell you.

  • Remove the scrapping of perk cards entirely. It's extremely detrimental to the roots of the perk card system

  • The one and only way to get perk coins will be through level up. Every time you level up past level 50, you will get one free perk coin. This does not cannibalize your option to either get a perk card or move a SPECIAL point, the perk coin is just a bonus. This allows players to still be flexible with their builds and not feel frustrated if they don't like their build as they're not being encouraged to only use level ups for 1/400th or whatever of a legendary perk (frustrated players are players who want to quit, you know). Players who are above level 50 will get a perk coin for each level that they should've got one.

  • The perk coin requirements for ranking up legendary perks will be changed to be more reasonable. The first time you rank up a legendary perk card, it takes 10 perk coins. The second time, 20. And the third and final time, 30. It takes a total of 60 levels to fully max one legendary perk. A reasonable amount anyone could hope to reach, one that people will look forward to, and it won't kill you if you decide to use a different legendary perk card.

Make Legendary Perks exciting, not daunting to the point of impossibility.

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