Epilogue: Sentinel Nate.

fallout 3 - Epilogue: Sentinel Nate.

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The fate of the Commonwealth had been sealed the moment Nate had lain eyes on the Prydwen. Bruised and hurt by his recent tangle with Kellogg and his army of synths, Nate was already in a vulnerable state of mind when the Brotherhood's airship flew over the mountains and announced its presence to the people below right around midnight.

Nate remembered watching the ship make its way across the sky, his mouth agape with awe. Not once, since he had first stepped in to a destroyed Sanctuary Hills, had he imagined such an organization could exist in the post-war world.

Though Nate would soon realize he and the Brotherhood didn't quite see eye to eye, he was nevertheless convinced they were the faction he wanted to back. The massacre of the Railroad was justified as being a necessary precaution. Nate had remembered feeling a weird high as he gunned down the people he had helped so much. Was he a monster? Did he enjoy killing people who called him a friend? These were questions Nate had buried in the back of his mind, afraid of what he'd learn about himself if he pondered on them too long.

Nate had been a soldier pre-war. So, when he was lifted from the muck of the Wasteland in a vertibird and flown over to the Prydwen, he left behind some of his morals as well. The Wasteland was a cruel place. What was one more dead group. What was one more subjugated farm. Being called a Knight was worth it. Being shown respect was worth it.

However, Brotherhood or not, Nate had still strived to do what he felt was right whenever he knew the Brotherhood wasn't looking. K1, the synth named Jenny, had been helped escape the Commonwealth. Amelia, Old Man Stockton's alleged daughter, had been rescued. Curie had been kept a secret. Danse had been spared, and Maxson talked down. And the biggest synth refuge around; Acadia, had remained unknown to the Brotherhood. What the Brotherhood didn't know, wouldn't hurt them.

Nate did not for one second believe that he alone could one day completely reform the Brotherhood. They were far too fanatical. However, he was certain it was the only group present in the Commonwealth that could make a difference. The Minutemen thrived under Nate, but he knew they could fall at any time. The Minutemen lacked order, structure. Perhaps Nate's pre-war bias for the military spoke here as well.

Today, Sentinel Nate enjoys training young Squires. He tries to slip in little acts that might help the squires not develop into complete fanatics as they grow up. Nate mostly hangs around with his best man Codsworth, daring anyone aboard the Prydwen to even imply that Codsworth isn't alive. Sometimes, Nate takes Ada along for some time, as he enjoys her company and to make sure she doesn't get too bored guarding Sanctuary Hills.

Speaking of Sanctuary, the old American suburb is now a major settlement. Divided into two parts, the cul-de-sac and some adjoining houses have been given to the original group that followed Nate home from the Museum of Freedom, while the rest serves as a major farm that feeds half the Commonwealth. Nate often likes to lounge in his third-storey office around the evening, watching the farmers make their way into the "good part of town" in an orderly queue to drink away the rest of the day in the multiple bars present there as security robots patrol the streets alongside the radio Eyebot.

Most settlements around the Commonwealth never received an influx of residents. They get by with their original inhabitants plus a robot farming unit and another person solely assigned to the expansive artillery network that covers the whole Commonwealth. Almost all these settlements have been surrounded with missile turrets to keep out unwanted guests. The few exceptions are Starlight Drive-In (now a massive town with a skyscraper acting as the best and only mall in the Commonwealth), The Slog (fortified and redesigned as Goodneighbor 2.0), The Castle, Egret Tours Marina (a cheaper version of Starlight Drive-In, complete with a cheaper sister store), and Coastal Cottage (the largest plantation in the Commonwealth).

While Nick Valentine spends his days in his Detective Agency and Hancock oversees Goodneighbor, Piper Wright, Cait, Curie, Preston Garvey, MacReady, Danse, and Dogmeat all reside in Sanctuary Hills. Strong meanwhile, patrols The Slog and keeps it safe from anything that might ever make it past the missile defense system.


The house Nate had bought in Diamond City remains unoccupied for the most part, save for the Mr. Handy unit Nate assigned there to keep everything in order. The Handy, named Wadsworth, eagerly awaits the few rare moments where his master visits, usually to sleep away the night until the stores open in the morning. Him and Codsworth like to talk about the best way to get nuclear fallout out of vinyl wood as Nate snores in the corner. Despite Codsworth's assurances based on decades of experience, Wadsworth remains hopeful that he'll find a way.

McDonough, exposed for what he was, had been executed by Nate in his office. Diamond City remains without a mayor, though that has hardly made a difference considering how useless McDonough had been. Geneva, traumatized by the experience, is taking it slow. She has taken to spending her nights in the Dugout Inn, realizing in the process that the Lower Stands' residents were much more likable than the snobs who lived above. Though she pretends she doesn't notice, she has often seen Vadim stealing glances at her when he thinks she's not looking.

Travis Miles, transformed after his experience at the Beantown Brewery, continues to run Diamond City Radio. He often plays the recording of him thanking the "vault dweller" for lending him a hand.

Percy, the Mr. Handy manning Diamond City Surplus, mourned the sudden and mysterious murder of Crazy Myrna. In time, he changed his sales pitch, realizing he wasn't bound anymore to not offer sales or to refuse service to synths.

As the Super Mutants are slowly eradicated and the raiders driven out by the Brotherhood of Steel, the streets of Boston become safer every day. Apart from the Bunker Hill caravans, it is now quite common to see other scavengers, wastelanders, and traders making their way across the Commonwealth from settlement to settlement.

Dr. Brian Virgil, now human and very much alive thanks to Nate's intervention, disappeared without a trace. Nobody knows where he went, but Nate secretly hopes to one day hear about a potential cure to the Forced Evolutionary Virus being founded somewhere not far from the Commonwealth.

Bar Harbor, Maine, thrives because of the mainlander's endless help. Pockets of safe civilization dot the island, and the roads are not the death traps they once were. Old Longfellow reminisces about the first time he had helped that mainlander climb up to Acadia, and always greets Nate with open arms whenever he comes by for a visit and a night of heavy drinking.

DiMa, now possessing full knowledge of the questionable things he had done in the past, spends hours every day wondering how to proceed. He agrees that hiding away his memories had been the wrong course of action, for how would he learn and grow as a real person if he chose to forget every time he stumbled. Though the Children of Atom now reside alongside Acadia and Far Harbor in uneasy peace, DiMA finds himself wondering if replacing High Confessor Tektus with a synth had been yet another mistake, the repercussions of which were yet to reveal themselves.

Nuka World, now lit up and free of the three gangs of raiders that once called it home, has become a major trading hub. The last of the raiders squatting in the parks have been gunned down with hired help, and after extensive cleanup operations, the parks have been repurposed into towns with busy markets.

Nuka Town USA itself is trader central, with caravans coming in from every corner of the Commonwealth and beyond. One thing that continues to confuse the outsiders however, is why so many of the original residents refuse to wear any clothes apart from their underwear. Fizztop Grille, donated to the traders by their ex-Overboss, now serves as one of the finest dining options in the post-war world, complete with reprogrammed Mr. Frothies tending the tables.

Isabel Cruz, with guidance from Nate, continues to manufacture new robots. Except this time, instead of being led by crazy Robobrains, the robots follow a strict set of parameters set by Nate himself, and patrol the Commonwealth alongside the Minutemen to keep the roads safe and free of vermin.

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