Event Parade Details, post them here.

fallout 8 - Event Parade Details, post them here.

I will gather all the info for the event from my self and comments; and sum it up

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Information is SPOILER FREE, Spoilers are hidden for you to reveal yourself.


– Official Response from Bethesda on the post about recurrency. Thx to

Valseek - Event Parade Details, post them here.


Bethesda – Community Manager

Time to get your parade on, because the Fasnacht event is now live until 6:00 a.m. EDT / 10:00 a.m. UTC on March 26!

The event is on a one-hour timer from the last time it was started in that world. For example, if it takes you 20 minutes to complete, it should be available again after another 40 minutes.

General :

– Serverhopping is possible from the information above.

– Event last about 10-15 minutes with normal crew.

– Location is town Helvetica, South-west from Vault exit.


– Legendary farming : Because of the sloth spawning at the end, and the short time this quest takes (also because you can have a full town of players doing the event quest with you) , you are able to farm legendaryes at a rate of 1 per 10-15 minutes of the sloth in the end.

– Intenstine fetch part>! is killing animals in the forest around, but their core spawn is to the North – west side of the town after the bridge. (Use vats to find them in the bushes)!<

– In the end a legendary sloth spawns to the south side of the road across the curch. Show respect for low levels and let them them get a tag shot in. It does now spawn any unique items for the quest.


– Quest reward rate of type of mask might be connected to how much you have done on the quest, i been seeing

i get better stuff if i made a large contribution to the event quest.



Sloth at the end can be unlotable, unknown workaround

– Intenstins wont spawn (really rare) on small mobs.

Quest Reward list

– Fasnacht Soldier Mask

– Fasnacht Toothy Mask

– Fasnacht Owl Mask

– Fasnacht Donut Recipie

– Different event Blueprint for your camp, usually ribbon stand, floor and roof fixtures, you can confirm if you have not gotten all by going trough camp building options where they are visible.

Items :

– Rewards are usually 1 x Mask 1 x Blueprint for camp

– Notes are scattered around the town about the event.

– Houses have changed and added content. its all over the town.

– Fasnacht donuts in the Restaurant kitchen now . THEY DONT SPOIL – (thx to echolyx57 for tip)

– Fasnacht sausage spotted (thx to
Pantie-Pirate for the tip)

– There is new items in atom shop, the horn is a fun one, but not a high sounding one tough.

– New camp items NOT in shop, blueprints will be unlocked in event. Party ribbions and much more, check out the camp build options for them.

Easter Eggs

– The decorationg quest lets you choose how the room looks every time from a combination of 3 items per box (4)

Plans for furthe information

– How many masks with images of each.

– How many blueprints with images of each.

– Other rewards?

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