Every Weapon Mod’s Learn Chance

fallout 8 - Every Weapon Mod's Learn Chance

Hey everybody,

I've noticed a lot of confusion in the past couple weeks about how learning weapons mods works when you scrap a weapon. I was curious myself, so I decided to dig through the game files and take a look, see if I could figure it out myself… and was not disappointed!

Every weapon mod in the game references a "LRNC" or Learn_Chance global value. There are 4 of these values that exist for weapons: High, Medium, Low, and Very Low. Basically what we can take from this is that whenever you scrap a weapon, the game rolls for every single learnable mod for that weapon, picking out the most successful roll (if any) and giving it to you.

This results in the system we've all sort of figured out: at first when you start scrapping a weapon you get a mod pretty much every time, because there are so many chances for one roll to be successful. Eventually as you scrap the weapon more and more, you'll start to have only a few low chance mods left, so more often than not, all of the remaining rolls fail and you get nothing. Just because you aren't getting mods anymore when you scrap a weapon, doesn't mean you have them all! You probably just have a couple of very rare mods left to unlock, so keep scrapping!


Since I'm sure everyone is curious which mods are more rare, I've created an image showing every single mod that references each "chance."


This image should show every weapon mod in the game that is attainable via scrapping (except for Radium Rifle mods, which are in their own lists for some reason, all of them are medium or very low).

Armor mods seem to work the same way, except with a much lower chance, and every single armor mod has the exact same chance to unlock.

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Happy Scrapping!

EDIT: If anybody better with XEdit knows how to export these lists or something, let me know. I'd love to put all this information in a spreadsheet or something so people can sort and search it however they want.

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