Everything Diamond City Security says:

fallout 3 - Everything Diamond City Security says:

One Liners

  • Yeah. It’s true. I got shot in the ass last year. Long story.

  • You been to Goodneighbor? Friggin’ hole. Ghouls and chem heads all over.

  • A beer and my slippers after this shift. That’s all I ask.

  • Hey, you that trader, up from Quincy? You sell any ointment? I got me this itch…

  • I hear you been asking questions around town. What, Diamond City’s got two private dicks now?

  • Wanna do something fun? Run the bases. Trust me.

  • Ahem. Well hello beautiful.

  • Now what can I do for you, sweetheart?

  • Broke up with my girl. She kept the cap off the toothpaste. Know who does that? A synth.

  • Word of advice – never call your mother a synth unless she really is one. Yikes.


  • Get off your knees. You look like a jackass.

  • What the HELL are you doing?

  • Whoa, whoa, no public squatting. Go find a bathroom. Jeez.

Protecting Diamond City from Misc Enemies

  • This is our city, you fucking machine!

  • Suck it, you Protectron wannabe!

  • Die, you Institute asshole!

  • Time to beat down another crazy…

  • Batter up, asshole!

  • Code Red! CODE RED!

  • Welcome to Diamond City, motherfucker…

  • Game over, asshole.

  • That’s what I call a strike out…

Posted Outside the Wall

  • Can’t believe I’m posted outside the Wall. Who the heck did I piss off?

  • Feral Ghouls like to hide in the dark. Makes night patrol a real fright-fest.

Caught Picking Pockets/Stealing

  • Damn pickpockets!

  • I saw that!

  • Theft! Look alive, boys!

  • Hey. Klepto. Nice try.

  • Pretty sure that’s not yours, pal/lady…

  • Great. A thief.

  • Whoa. Slow down there, sticky fingers.

  • Seriously, pal? Stealing?

Player is Taking Items of No Value

  • What? You picking up the trash?

  • You know that’s junk right?

  • Got an amateur janitor over here…

  • Ain’t everyday someone picks up the garbage for free…

  • Picking up garbage. You an old-time scavenger?

  • Hey, you wanna pick up trash, I ain’t stoppin’ ya…

Factions/Main Quest

  • These synths just showed up. They’re not doing anything wrong… so… we’re not sure what to do.

  • We’re getting a lot of graffiti these days. Pictures of lanterns. Know anything about that?

  • Ask you somethin’. Crazy question. You didn’t see a… flying ship recently. Did you?

  • You see that big blimp? What’s the Brotherhood of Steel? Why are they here?

  • I was on duty when I seen that airship fall out of the sky. I wonder if anyone survived.

  • Holy nuts! A giant fricken robot just walked by here like it was nuthin’. Now I seen everything.

  • You keep looking at me like that, I’m gonna start thinking you’re a synth…

  • The Institute. Pfft. I ain’t scared of them. No… really. I swear…

  • You read that article? In Public Occurrences? Damn synths could be anywhere.

  • Don’t worry. You’re safe from the synths here in Diamond City. I hope…

  • So it’s true, then? You’re leading the Minutemen? Good for you. Great cause.

  • I’m too friggin’ slow to join the Minutemen.

  • How come whenever something interesting happens around here, you’re right in the center of it?

  • The legend him/herself! Way to give it to the Institute. You’re like my hero or something…I dunno. Thanks.

  • There he/she is! The man/woman of the hour!

  • On behalf of all the guards here in Diamond City, I just wanted to say thanks. For saving us. All of us.

Player is a Known Criminal (but is now free to walk around)

  • Well, look. Diamond City’s number one troublemaker. Oh, I got my eye on you.
    Oh, look here. It’s the troublemaker.

  • Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you. Play nice from now on, hear me?

  • Hear you don’t know what “private property” means. Just keep your hands to yourself.

  • Ain’t you the one who’s been roughin’ people up? Got my eye on you.

  • You’re a freakin’ psychopath, you know that?


  • Today’s Halloween, but do we get treats? Nooooo. It’s all tricks, all day.

  • Can you believe today’s Christmas? Ho ho friggin’ ho.

Reactions to Companions

  • What a mangy mutt.

  • Filthy animal.

  • Get out of here, you.

  • Well hey there, pup.

  • You keep an eye on that thing. I don’t want to hear about anybody getting bit.

  • Hell of an animal you’ve got there.

  • That thing’s not a stray, is it?

  • Nice dog.

  • Listen, um… Your pal there is kinda… scaring the crap outta me…

  • You and your mercenary friend keep your guns in your pants. Capiche?

  • Whoa, whoa. No Ghouls in Diamond City. Get that thing outta here.

  • Oh, man. You got a robot butler? I want a robot butler…

  • What kind of person pals around with a robot. Oh my God… you’re not a synth. Are you?

  • Your friend looks like trouble. Make sure she’s not.

  • I ain’t telling you how to pick your friends, but Piper’s kind of a troublemaker.

  • So what, you’re in the Brotherhood of Steel now?

  • You know, your friend looks kind of familiar. Maybe…

  • Heard you rescued Valentine. Good work. Most synths scare the hell outta me, but Nicky, he ain’t like those Institute psychos.

  • Hangin’ out with Valentine, huh? Good for you. Nicky’s good people. Ah, you know what I mean.

  • Dear God. Your friend. He’s not a… you know. One of them super things. Is he?

  • Your buddy there’s pretty intense. Brother needs to lighten up.

  • Chumming around with a merc, huh? I don’t want no trouble on my beat.

  • Hey, you know the rules. No Ghouls in Diamond City. Get your friend outta here.

  • I know an ex-Raider when I see one. Make sure your “friend” plays nice inside the Wall, hear me?

  • Hey, ask your knight friend if they got shuffleboard up on that fancy ship.

  • What’s with your shady pal, huh?

  • Got our eyes on you. Even if you are pallin’ around with Nick Valentine.

  • Your Frankenstein friend there ain’t gonna start eating people, is he?

  • Hey, tell your robot we’re fresh outta crumpets.

  • You know, with McDonough out of the picture… We’re gonna need a new mayor.

  • You make that robot yourself? You must be wicked smart.

  • You keep some weird company, pal/lady. Androids, reporters, dogs. Know any gorillas? Heh heh.

  • If I didn’t know better, I could’ve sworn I saw you hanging out with a Ghoul. Here in Diamond City. But that’s impossible. Right?

  • You’re getting pretty chummy with that reporter, huh? Be careful, there. The mayor’s got it in for her.

Reactions to Equipment/Armor/Weapons

  • Ho. Lee. Shit. Now that is some armor.

  • See you got one of those fancy Vault suits. Those one size fit all?

  • That a real Vault Suit? Damn.

  • Is that a Pip-Boy? Give my left arm for one of those.

  • Geez, pal/lady. I like guns, too. But you think you might be overcompensating there?

  • Nice piece you got there. Just keep it holstered.

  • Look, that armor’s great, don’t get me wrong. But how the hell do you, you know… Pee?

  • Hey, I ain’t sayin’ I want to shoot you, ‘cause that would be rude. But would you even feel it?

  • A Swatter’s man/gal, huh? Nice.

  • Nice hat.

  • Whoa! You look just like that Silver Shroud guy. From the radio.

  • Now you have the right idea. Power Armor. Only way to travel.

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