Everything you never thought you needed to know about Bash Damage Miniguns

fallout 7 - Everything you never thought you needed to know about Bash Damage Miniguns

Hello fellow wastelanders!

Today I want to talk about a weapon that was formerly very rarely seen in the wastes, but has recently been gaining traction after Patch #25. This weapon is… the
NNbeVdl - Everything you never thought you needed to know about Bash Damage Miniguns

Shredder Minigun.

I've done a TON of my own testing on shredders over time and have been using these since around December 2018 when I bought my first Anti-Armor 40% Bash Damage Minigun for 1,500 caps. They are one of my favorite weapons in the game and offer a very unique, and devastating, play-style. So without further ado, let's get down to the details of what works, what doesn't, and how to maximize your usage of this giant blender of death.


First and foremost, the Shredder requires NO AMMO. You must not have any 5mm equipped if you want to use your minigun this way.

Shredder damage scales with strength, but does not benefit from any melee perks. The damage for the Shredder is unlisted, but with enough testing to drive a person crazy, I have been able to determine the unperked, base damage for the Shredder using 15 Strength as a baseline.

Shredder Damage Values at 15 Strength With No Perks:

  • Damage Chart Here >>>
  • Tested against floaters with 0 DR and double-checked against small critters (5 DR listed but they take full damage).

Non-Legendary Minigun = 52 (bash attack) and 26 (spin attack)

Legendary 40% Bash Minigun = 78 (bash attack) and 39 (spin attack)

NOTE: the "spin attack" will do the same damage as the "bash attack" when in Power Armor. This means you will do double spin damage when in power armor, as normally it does approximately HALF the damage of the bash. Perks are not the cause of this, I tested with and without them and this happens consistently, even after Patch #25.


  • Perks that do influence shredder damage include Basher, Stabilized, Tenderizer, and Exterminator.
  • Perks that do nothing at all include Heavy Gunner perks, Melee Perks, Bloody Mess, Glow Sight, Nerd Rage, and Adrenaline.
  • In terms of mutations, Adrenal Reaction does not work. Eagle Eyes and Egg Head will hurt your strength, so I do not recommend using those with the Shredder either. I have not tested Twisted Muscles, but I suspect this will do nothing since it is not classified as a melee weapon.
  • The Shredder does not benefit from damage-boosting chems such as Psycho or Fury. Buffout does work since it increases strength, but you won't get the inherent damage boost from Psychobuff other than the strength increase.
  • For food and drink, it's important to note that Alcohol increases strength, which will slightly increase your damage due to scaling. Whiskey is the best option for this, and you can push this further with the right perks. In terms of food, the Shredder does not benefit from cooked meat damage buffs at all, so don't bother with Glowing Meat Steak or Yao Guai Ribs, as they won't boost your damage.


The Good:

  • The only prefixes I've found to actually work are Anti-Armor and Vampire's. Anti-Armor stacks with Stabilized, so this is the strongest possible prefix in terms of sheer damage. Vampire's will heal you at a tremendous rate and makes an excellent weapon for Resilient Daily Ops.

The Bad:

  • All Enemy-Specific prefixes do nothing. Bloodied and Junkie's will not boost your damage at all. Instigating, Executioner's, and Two Shot also do nothing.
  • It's important to note though, that having any of these prefixes won't hurt your weapon, they just won't offer any increase in damage like they would for a normal gun.

The Weird:

  • Interestingly, Berserker's and Nocturnal do not offer any damage boost but also do not suffer from their negative effects. Meaning you do the shredder's normal damage during the night and day with Nocturnal, and you can use a Berserker's shredder with as much armor as you want with no penalty.

NOTE: I have yet to test Furious or Mutant's, but rudimentary testing of a Furious Assault Rifle yielded no damage increase on consecutive bash attacks.

2nd Legendary Effect:

  • For a Shredder build, it goes without saying that the "+40% Bash Damage" secondary effect is all you want. It is the most important effect you can have for this weapon.
  • Even if you have a prefix that doesn't work, as long as you have this effect, you are ready to rock. It greatly boosts your damage and can be stacked with the Basher perk to maximize your damage output.

3rd Legendary Effect:

  • The list of useful 3rd star effects is limited to pretty much just "90% Reduced Weight". I consider this a nice bonus if your weapon has it, but it is NOT a requirement by any means. The other effects won't hurt you, they just won't help either.


There aren't a lot of perks that synergize with the Shredder, so this build is far from complete. However, here are some perks to keep in mind if you wanted to create a build with a primary focus on using the Shredder. There is plenty of unused slots for defensive perks, or perks for other weapon types. Honestly, the rest is entirely up to you.

Note: Before Patch #25, I would have included Gunsmith 5 and Luck of the Draw 3 in here, since this weapon used to degrade extremely quickly. However, we don't have to worry about that anymore, since the Shredder no longer takes any durability loss when using it.

Lastly, there is no difference in bashing damage between the barrels at all. The Prime Barrel does not provide additional damage to Scorchbeasts or Scorched enemies. It still can be worth using if you want to avoid picking up any 5mm and accidentally loading in ammo though.

Strength (15 Recommended for maximum damage)

  • Basher 2
  • Bear Arms 3
  • Blocker 3


  • Exterminator 3


  • Professional Drinker 1 (costs 3)
  • Chem Fiend 3
  • Adamantium Skeleton 3


  • Tenderizer 3
  • Party Boy/Girl 2 (costs 3)


  • Stabilized 3


  • Dodgy 3


  • Ricochet 3


  • Power Armor – User's choice for specific type. Highly recommended to utilize Stabilized and for the inherent damage boost when compared to using a Shredder in regular armor.
  • Regular Armor – For the most part, this is up to you. Though I can make a few recommendations. Consider a chest armor with the Pneumatic mod to reduce incoming staggers, since staggers are one of the only things that will slow you down. Additionally, any armor with +1 Strength will give you a slight damage increase. And lastly, while the Shredder doesn't synergize too well with Bloodied builds, you can still use Unyielding Armor to further boost your strength as well.


And that's it! I hope you've learned something today about the Shredder Minigun and how it works. If you think I missed anything or have any questions about this weapon, please let me know in the comments. Thank you.

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