Expanding on AmericanAir88’s Idea of “World bosses”

fallout 6 - Expanding on AmericanAir88's Idea of "World bosses"

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I like this very much, I was gonna comment but I ended up writing basically a university essay and here is my expansion on those ideas:

in speculation, these would be daily events and one of them could happen

An army of gigantic bugs who have different patterns and waves

Forest: Yes, I like it because that fits with the theme of the forest. The enemies are a bit beefier but still able to be reachable to some low-level players as well (tho not intended for). This shall take place from the deeper wilds of the forest to the more open farmhouse plains.

Enemies and Objective

Obviously radroaches and ticks are the first that come to mind, they come in huge packs, forcing you to switch out precision weapons for area effect weapons. Next would be the flying creatures, such as blood bugs, bloatflies and stingwings. using precision weapons to clip their wings or an automatic weapon to spray them down. the difference is they don't all fly at the same height, some can fly under or over, making it a bit harder. Later, you get attack by radscorpions that like to hit and run, along with more radroaches, ticks, stingwings, some ants and poisonous Venus Fly Traps from the trees that spit poison at you, putting you under pressure.


Finally. 3 high leveled Honey Beast (1 3 star and the other 2 star) enter the fight and surround themselves in a dome with Bee swarms, making you use area effect weapons to try and either break the wall temporary or stagger the honey beast from within with a well-placed grenade and fire upon it before the dome starts producing more. In this way, you will be attacked by a various number of creatures and it should be different each encounter. One day you may be attack by bloodbugs and bloatflies and you also have to watch the ground for ants and radscorpions or the next it becomes lots and lots of annoying vile ticks and radroaches that are higher level. Anyway, once all of the honey beast mutated, they will berserk and break their domes, sending the bee swarms to attack all players and they themselves attack and are very powerful. I will talk rewards later on.

An Alien invasion from the crashed space station and other toxic points. The aliens would also work alongside glowing enemies.

Toxic Valley: finally, a purpose for the crashed space station. I may go crazy on this since you mentioned aliens.

Enemies and Objective

A UFO comes into play and it sends out a mysterious aura that deforms and transforms the entire toxic valley into vile and more deformed like enemies with some glow to them and aren't as dark. It then sends out beams that connect to the 3 Aerosolizers making it invulnerable to attack. This also changes the environment to be bleaker and more toxic in which the players must acquire gas masks as the atmosphere is now inhospitable, they’re and the map will mark it for players in the valley. The main objective is to clear and contest these Aerosolizers at the farms by killing a variety of enemies present in the toxic valley. From anglers, to erratic radstags, to even snallygasters, radscorpions, ghouls, mole rats and rad rats to some weaker types of mirelurks and Grafton monsters. Aliens will also take place into the fight. There will be basic aliens that use the basic alien blasters, along with solider aliens that are smarter and more tactical and use cover to their advantage and have alien rifles and automatic alien weapons. The commander alien will have a beefier new type of Power Armor that can be earned in a way I'll explain later. Anyway, you have to defeat these 3 captain and they wields some heavy alien type weapons. Once he is defeated. Each Aersolizer will have a horde with at least one commander and a mix of weak basic aliens or soliders. You then have to contest the areas and then refill the aerosolizers with fertilizer and it will disconnect the connections of the UFO, the more excess fertilizer that is filled. you do that for the other 2 as well, along with fighting a lot of different enemy types on the way. Teamwork is the key in order to defeat the aliens.


Once all Aerosolizers are contested, the air will be cleared up and you can now take off your gas masks and you have to defeat the UFO at the crashed space station. A 3-star Flatwoods monster will then appear. This flatwoods monster can also clone itself, but they only have a little bit of health and die quick, but he can make many. The ship will then become vulnerable to attack and be destroyed, ending the ternary of the aliens.

A high-level robot/machine boss that has buzzsaws, drills, and etc for weapons.

Ash Heap: Now when I hear that statement, I think of the automatron DLC from fallout and the potential of bringing that into Fallout 76. Firstly, I think this concept would fit well with the lore around the area, with the biggest mining competitors Garrahan Mining, Atomic Mining Services and Hornwright Industrial Mining Company.

Enemies and Objective

This event can take place within Mount Blair. Over there, is a battle between the mole miners and the robots, Man Vs Machine. it becomes a hostile free fire zone, and anything can go, and the players must decide how they go with this. Do you destroy one side to get an advantage, do you wait out the battle or charge into battle weapons free and assemble like the avengers in endgame? Either way, there are a different set of enemies with each 2 Warring factions. The Rogue robots that have different modifications and have variety Assaultrons that have undertaken sentry bot armor and hydraulic legs, making them very tankier than before but have a longer cool time. Robobrains being given their sonic emitter attacks back and use a variety of weapons other than the tesla rifle. The auto Miner protections with heavy drills and nail guns. Flying Fucking liberators like in the trailer and ironically were at mount blair that can strafe you and shoot you with more deadlier lasers weaponary. There is so much variety to be had with these robots as automatron can provide those resources, along with some newer welcome editions. Mr handies with Miniguns, assaultrons with more melee type weapons, sentry bots that are slow fat targets, armed to the teeth with heavy weapons and shoulder Miniguns, along with back missile launchers, the list goes on with what could be done here.

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For the mole miners, They have their weaker cannon fodders that charge recklessly but have a high gain in numbers with either their fists or mole miner gauntlets and even different shotguns. The more intelligent ones with a variety of rifles and actual tactics and even some beefier ones with energy weapons. They will also have assistance from rad rats and landminer molerats. Some Will also have heavy weapons like the 50cal to make it feel like an all-out war and each side has powerful units.


Anyway, after destroying both sides, their will then be the massive abomination machine that is slow, 4-legged piston legs and armed to the teeth with powerful weapons. You thought the sentry bot I came up with was a bitch to handle with? this guy is a difficult boss and will require you to exploit its weakness. The mole miners have a huge Super Mutant who appears to be large and inside a piece of excavator power armor armed with a Light Machine Gun. For the Robot, It will have a main core in the middle under with a ballistic shield covering it, so you as a team must cripple it. It will have 4 nails like miniguns at the front and back that can fire individually at multiple surrounding targets, and buzzsaw close quarter defenses to harass any melee builders that try and go after it as well as a. You are able to take down the weapons tho to make the robot easy to take down. It can't keep up the fire power a lot however, as it needs to recharge cause of the amount of weapons it takes and portectrons with treads and mr handies will rush to repair it to speed up the cooldown, so you have to prioritize the main robot and the repair robot ones. when it mutates, it will upgrade its internal database and make it, so he has fully repaired his weapons, his cooldowns become slower, making it so the robots don't need to assist.

For the Super Mutant in Excavator Armor, he will have a Light Machine gun and will hold a quad missile launcher as well. It is a very powerful mutant, beefier than the overlords and will be protected by the mole miners. They will compete in the final stand when the robots have their mech and the mole miners have their Mutant leader with a powerful machine gun and missile launcher. the mutant and robot will both be 3 stars and once they are dead, the armies will flee and the quest will be complete, you can choose with the players to mop them up.


A gigantic deathclaw with assistance from the cryptids of West Virginia

Savage Divide: All right, the divide is the middle of the map, why not have you with a bunch of other players start the quest from the Top of the World to the Palace of the winding path where a giant deathclaw will be present. Each area of the Divide will have a unique Cryptids that are high level 2-star legendaries and will have its followers help them. They are tough, dangerous, deadly, agile and strong with strengths and weaknesses. You will have to move to each location notable in the divide and clear out that specific unique cryptid

Enemies and Objective

Wendigo Cave: This is where a strong wendigo with remnants of heavy raider armor on it (notably gourmand) guarded by its many ghouls also with raider armor from the gourmands. These ghouls have learnt to use weapons, but some are feral. They will use a variety of weapons like the scorched.

Seneca Rocks Visitor Center: this will have a large Grafton monster with salvage around it and spiky hairs on its back and acidic oil to throw or use an area defense. he is strong and will be backed up by weaker monsters.

ATLAS Observatory: The Mothman appears her and is not alone. It has strong and powerful clones with him that will swoop you and attack you, they won’t be as powerful but can be annoying so you have to kill the main mothman that will have something distinctive among others to kill him and its clones.

Sunnytop Ski Lanes: The sheepsquatch will be lurking around here with mutated bulls similar to the sheepsquatch but walk on all fours and will ram you and keep the pressure up making close range weapons and melee ideal against them. The sheepsquatch is powerful and will call upon more bulls to help it.

Palace of the Winding path: Finally, you reach the gates of the palace and a mythical deathclaw created within the spirits of the palace as well as a yao guai being both 3-star legendaries. they are powerful, have stronger resistances and are agile. take them down and you cleared out the divide from the wrath of the cryptids.

A giant mirelurk emperor boss with the assistance of other sea creatures such as hermit crabs, anglers, gulpers, and fog crawlers. The mirelurk emperor would be gigantic with strangler vine attacks.

The Mire: I like seeing more mirelurk designs and an emperor sounds intriguing. I would say this mirelurk emperor could like a massive boss connected to the stranglers heart and uses the vines to its advantage, as well as the toxic gas to call in reinforcements.

Enemies and Objective

This will take place between the crashed airplane and the Big Maw. The crashed airplane will be where the main fighting will occur, and you will have to clear out certain trees being guarded by the mire's creatures. there will be 3 external stranglers in different locations each time that you have to destroy (they are weaker than the "heart of the swamp" ones) and each time you do the event, there is a new variety of enemies. You will also have to watch out for the environments diseased water and highly radioactive fumes from its plants, along with mirelurks surprising you from below and gulpers leaping down from trees and not to mention anglers underwater ready to pop out from its shallows. Disguised vehicles as well of crabs. each team can go in and communicate to choose where they wanna go. It's better to split up and communicate which tree you wanna tackle and how. All going after one tree and then the other is slow, unfun and you will fail the event.

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Once the trees are destroyed, you have to go to the big maw where the Mirelurk emperor will spawn. It will be an armored 6-legged crab with the appearance of the mirelurk kings’ body from fallout 3 that is plated up with its hardend crab shell all over, making it harder to penetrate. It will also have 2 main pincers and it hits fast. Once you break its shell, it will mutate and go berserk, making its attacks more powerful but it will become much weaker than before and will be easy to kill. The threat of the mire is no more.

A raid event which takes players into the Scorchbeast hives and it results in killing the secret Scorchbeast King.

Cranberry Bog: A raid onto the hives? count me the fuck in.

Enemies and Objective

In this event, you will need to use both brotherhood and Enclave technology. Firstly, clear out the outpost bases the brotherhood set up and get the SAM sites online. Easy Peasy. Next, travel to each of the 3 fissure sites and place orbital strike beacons (which can be obtained at the bases) at the fissure sites, which are heavily guarded by high level scorched and 2 Scorchbeast for each that are high leveled, as well as some infected scorched creatures. each fissure site needs 5 beacons on them. Next, you will travel along the trenches of the bog and reach a new location that leads you deeper into the glassed caverns, you go through the caverns and discover youngling Scorchbeasts under and some wider areas with mutated scorched animal fights and enemies like mole miners and mutants and even ghouls.


You will then find a large Scorchbeast hive in a wide-open room where the Scorchbeast roam around and have a lot of options of attack and you must kill the King. you can take out the egg sacks to slow down production of cannon fodder Scorchbeast and also you must watch the other fissure sites as well along with killing the kind to ensure no more adult ones will be produced. The king can spread his toxic plague to infect the cavern and use a more powerful sonic screech that can stagger but is very slow and relies more on its cannon fodder. After you kill it, you evacuate the bog to the east mountain lookout or monorail elevator and watch and the missiles destroy the fissure sites, trapping the beasts for now.

Now you all may be thinking I'm ambitious, too ambitious to say the least. Yes I am that person, I want a good game and this idea has the potential to have good mechanics and make the game very interesting and have it encourage exploration, teamwork, tactics, communication and new areas. This is a big read yes and will Bethesda ever use these ideas? 99% doubt it. If it were my game, I would love to add most of this in and have it more refined. I like the starting points of these ideas and what I did here is expand more onto these ideas a lot. Call me out for being ambitious, say its good, say its not, criticise it. I like speculating and having idea and I want to Be Ambitious and Do it and you all can too if you truly care about a game and you want to see it succeed. Here are now the rewards and name of the event.

Forest: "Event: Buggin out". Rewards: 200 caps, random plan leveled from the Forest, weapon piece and bee armor, that is unique wood armor that makes you more resistant to bug attacks of all types by 60%

Toxic Valley: "Event: Erratic Invasion" Rewards: 200 caps, random plan leveled from the Toxic Valley, an alien weapon and its ammo or alien armor which would give a much higher resistance to energy weapons

Ash Heap: "Event: Man vs Machine" Rewards: 200 caps, random plan leveled from the Ash Heap, a robotic weapon type, robot armor, a mole miner coat that grants as a gas mask effect and has high ballistic resistance.

Savage Divide: "Event: Cryptid Mountains" Rewards: 300 caps, random plan leveled from the Savage Divide, a cryptid item, could be an aid or weapon or armor. Gourmand raider armor is a stronger raider light armor that gives a slight bonus to the cannibal perks allowing hunger and a little thirst to be satisfied.

The Mire: "Event: Swamp Walker" Rewards: 400 caps, random plan leveled from the Mire, chance of Unique mirelurk armor that provides a high ballistic resistance and allow swimming in water faster or a unique mirelurk claw weapon

Cranberry Bog: "Event: Harsh Morals" Rewards: 400 caps, random plan leveled from Cranberry bog, chance of A light combat ultracite armor set that allows more resistances from Scorchbeast attacks and scorched which has a chance to weaken their attacks for a temporary amount of time or a random prime receiver or already existing ultracite weapon and even PA ultracite mod plans or X01.

Edit: thanks for my first silver JMP1919

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