Experienced a wholesome family moment in-game tonight, and I wanted to share it with the FO76 community.

fallout 5 - Experienced a wholesome family moment in-game tonight, and I wanted to share it with the FO76 community.

I just wanted to share this story to spread a little bit of positivity. Given how things are throughout the world, I think we could all use a few more happy moments from time to time.

My girlfriend was playing in Adventure mode (with me sitting beside her playing Pokemon Sword), having just recently finished her daily challenges. While working through Beckett's questline, she joined a public Building team and noticed the only player in the team, at level 167, had over 400 plans in their camp. She went to the camp hoping to find some new plans to add to her collection. Neither of us expected much beyond some duped Mounted plans and a few random extras. What we DIDN'T expect was a young girl (no more than 10 or so, I'd guess) hopping on the microphone commenting on my girlfriends' gamertag.

"Your name is so appropriate, Cuddle Bear! Because I have a teddy bear collection! Do you want to see it?"

This girl and my girlfriend emoted back and forth while the girl led us towards her small teddy bear collection. "Aren't they cute!?" She had about 5 of the various bears you can find throughout Appalachia. At this point, we hear a different voice, an older male voice, over the microphone.

"My daughter is REALLY proud of her bear collection, and I just want to thank you for being one of the cool players."

We figured that this father owns the account himself, and lets his daughter play around the camp with the various building items and collectibles. So I turned to my girlfriend and said, "Well, we have to give her more bears, right?" My girlfriend just smiled and nodded.


We found the stash box at this camp, and my girlfriend proceeded to take out her own personal collection of bears and Mr. Fuzzy plushies. She dropped all of them in the center of the camp, and used the Present trade emote. The little girl was back on the microphone by this point, wandering the camp and exploring the area. She noticed the emote, saying "Oh she has a gift!" She audibly gasped when she came over and looked at the loot bag.

A moment later, we could hear the father as well, who seemed surprised to see the dropped bag of plushies as well. He reminded his daughter to say thank you, and told us she was" smiling as big" as he was. They proceeded to talk about how they "needed more shelves", before being joined by the girls' uncle, who showed up in game with his own character to play with them. The last thing we heard the girl say before they started talking amongst themselves was "there's even more bears than when you were here last!"

We've all played with plenty of people over the months and years since the game launched. And the kindness we have the capacity to show can make someones' day. I just had to share this to spread some smiles around, because I know neither my girlfriend or I haven't experienced anything more wholesome than this in a long time.

Tl;dr, my girlfriend made a little girls' night in Fallout 76 with a gift of plushies for her and her dad.

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