Faith in Humanity Restored!

fallout 4 - Faith in Humanity Restored!

True story. Bear with me, all you tldr peeps!

I had a few hours today to get my fo76 on, and with that I started a new character. I have a lvl 50 something already, but my build was crap and I botched up perks and cards so bad I was miserable. Blade of Bastet was my best weapon, even though my build was entirely based of if rifles and shotties. Also, let me note that I play solo 95% of the time. If it’s in a group, it’s because someone sent me a random invite. My schedule is goofy and my free time to play is even goofier.

I plow through the first hour with my new character, perks and cards allocated correctly and I am swashbuckling my way through Appalachia and leveling up like a wild banshee. Quests are falling like my lab retriever’s coat in August and the cha-ching of XP is on an endless loop of glory to the ears. Flatwoods is flattened and I have a half hour left to play. Time to plan my next excursion ahead of time – let’s find a good spot on the map, head there and set up CAMP.

Spot picked with military precision, I head out and I immediately get a team invite. Sure, why not. Maybe they need a fast travel to me, maybe they’re hoping to share some XP, maybe they want to stomp on a noob. Either way I’m logging off shortly so no sweat. I accept the invite and await my fate as I’m walking towards a hexagon of some event that I don’t plan on attacking today.

And then it happens. The high pitched squeaky voice of a chatty kid with not much else to do but annoy the rest of the world. BUT. They (m/or/f possibly 10-13) shriek “hi! Wait for me I’m coming to help you with that event”! Me (m/mid 40s with no mic) try to politely send text that I’m just restarting with an alt character and I’m not planning on doing the event. Chat without a chat pad on Xbox is tedious and before I know it, this high pitched person (lvl 24) has fast travel to me (lvl 6) and giving me instructions on how the “messenger” event works and has started it and talking so fast and high pitched I’m not sure it really happened. But there we were, my old grouchy ass trying to not lose patience, and this very young person trying like hell to help if I wanted it or not.

Now I have a son who is over the legal drinking age. We bonded way to many nights and weekends shooting hacking slashing looting and pretty damn much anything and everything you can do on an Xbox with an internet connection, 2 controllers, and lots of AA batteries. This kid reminded me of my chatty Kathy kid (who is now much more interested in girls that games that he doesn’t have a “live” account) so much that I said to myself “fuck it, me and this lil dude or dudettte are crushing this event together”. Fuck shoveling the snow anyway. It’s cold out and won’t melt. It can wait.


And we did crush it! Ghouls, molerats etc tried to stop us and the bot to its final destination, but we weren’t having it. “Grab the meat”! “I’ll make you some armor when we’re done”. “I can one shot most of these”. Even though I painstakingly told the kid I had another account and I was stacked with radstag meat, I was getting the full narrative. It lasted an eternity. Like no really, the fucking bot had terrible pathing and it was like a 30 min struggle to go half a klick. Finally the bot stops with its message delivered and rewards are handed out. I was so close to logging off when I hear “check out my CAMP, it’s right down the road.

And I do. I’m still not sure why. I hate snow so maybe it was the best alternative. There were a lot of reasons swimming in my head why I shouldn’t. Like maybe just server hop, build my own damn CAMP like I said I was going to and prep for next session. Alone. The way I play fallout. But I didn’t. I went to the camp. It was pretty sweet. A helluva lot nicer than anything I’d ever put together. I sit down and play the guitar. Might as well be well tuned.

The kid is dropping shit in the ground so I again painstakingly text I don’t need or want anything. With the never ending voice chat from this teammate finally gets it and says “oh I have something for you” and drops a tattered dress. I put it on. It looks good over my leather armor and vault suit. Looks like I’ve lost a few pounds. I send one final text to the kind child. “Take all this ammo. All of it. I’m making a melee build and don’t need it. Sell it, use it, drop it I don’t care. But I want you to have it”.

The kid is thrilled. “Thanks! I’m going to go get some more of this and that. I knew you would grab the guitar and play first. That’s what everyone does when they come to my CAMP”! And then the kid runs out the door. Most likely to help anyone they can help. Be friends with anyone that is friendly in return. Just be nice to be nice.

I’m going to send that kid a friend request the next time I log on. Load up my big boy account and help them out in any way I can. Caps, weapons, armor, chems, it’s all useless on that old account. But I know of someone that could put good use to it. Even if it’s only to help out other noobs like me fresh out of the vault!

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