Fallout 1 original design document – what makes Fallout, Fallout.

fallout 8 - Fallout 1 original design document - what makes Fallout, Fallout.

Although the game isn't for me, all of the publicity around F76 inspired me to go back and play through Fallout 1 and 2 again.

Anyway, I was reading around and I came across this list of early design rules that the developers put together when brainstorming what kind of a game they wanted to make :

Rule #1: Multiple Decisions. We will always allow for multiple solutions to any obstacle.

Rule #2: No Useless Skills. The skills we allow you to take will have meaning in the game.

Rule #3: Dark humor was good. Slap-stick was not.

Rule #4: Let the player play how he wants to play.

Rule #5: Your actions have repercussions.


It seems to me that even now, this is basically a shopping list of the things that have gone missing from the franchise over the years that I, certainly, would like to have back if/when there is another instalment. Even more so than the unique setting, they are the things that made F1 and 2 (and NV to an extent) stand out amongst their peers and spawn such a long running franchise in the first place.

It would be interesting to see what 'design rules' Bethesda have for the franchise these days, if there are any beyond 'recycle factions and scenarios from previous games for branding purposes' and 'find new ways to monetise the games'

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