Fallout 1st is a “Privite Session” not a world: This was a feature released for free with gta 5 online why is it 100$ Bethesda?

fallout 5 - Fallout 1st is a "Privite Session" not a world: This was a feature released for free with gta 5 online why is it 100$ Bethesda?

Honestly at this point give us the ability to just host our own servers in every aspect and let the modding community save your game.

This is a non-stop PR nightmare where they have to flood the reddit and forms with false advertising trying to only show the positive in the game.

We the community who have even bothered to stick around this long realize the potential and also understand that this is the lowest gross revenue fallout title yall have developed and that your trying to scrape up as much money from this super mutant corpse of a title through your paywall atom shop and subscription as you can.

I hate to see a company I once loved more than any other tarnished by bad decision after bad decision.

Again: Please just allow us to make our own Fallout 76 and go into a direction similar to G-Mod and we ourselves will breathe life back into this game for you.

Eddit 1: This blew up quick, all I was really trying to get at is that if we could pay to host our own server and modify every aspect(Modding/Server rules ect.). Bethesda would be creating a community where you the player could creat your own ideal take on fallout and share it with everyone else. (In the fashion of how Garry's Mod has Servers from anywhere to RP to Indvidual servers based of a idea the creator envisioned.) I would more than pay over the cost of the server to be able to do this. This way Bethesda makes money off its player owned servers, and fallout 76 gains reputation strong enough that I dont have to argue with my real life friends trying to justify owning the game. I would love to be able to talk about 76 and always see the text "Everyone Liked that". When talking about the game.

BIG EDDIT PT.2 A letter to those who support the directions and decisions of Bethesda on Fo76:


I'm glad your enjoying your experience of the game. I mean no I'll will by it. And I'm sure many people or the less than average person has been enjoying it as well. It's just funny to see that when something controversial around the game hits that people with concerns get smashed the downvote and you see a immediately mass posting about "everyones good times" getting featured out of the blue as if trying to mask the controversy.

Also as a off topic to all the comments now comparing Fo76 to GtaO: I was never trying to compare the state of the paywall between the games. ( I mean guys, they have flying cars lmao). The two states of the paywall is way to argumental and fundamentally different in how both studios proceed and execute there style of in-game microtransactions.

(BACK TO FALLOUT 1ST) Only that for a 100$ additional purchase it seems we are getting another incomplete product with a lack of substance/Information and a Roadmap of what exactly can be expected within the development of this feature. If we are looking to compare it to another Server hosting game let's try DayZ (A game that's been around 6 years and just got ported to console). And supports player owned servers and Is currently a thriving community.

Again thank your for everyone's feed back, regardless of "sides" people are taking. If theres anything I say that I hope reaches everyone is that I hope we can be given the tools to all come together so that we can support this cough* super mutant corpse of a title* cough*. (Bad jokes still?)

No. But seriously. Let me mod my server damnnmit. Give me- Us something we can look forward too and be proud of owning.

Btw. I pre-ordered the power armor addition and never tried to return my game. I still have hope. And I hope You can too.


Ps. Didn't check any of my spelling so yolo.

Thank you -Acryingfalloutfan

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